About Us

With K-Pop’s international pop culture dominance in recent years, its influence reaches a global fanbase that is eager to connect and build their own mini-communities on virtually every digital platform. These communities have been isolated and limited by the different platforms’ capabilities, and there has never been a dedicated K-pop social network platform... until now.

theQoos gives fans the ability to view and organize all their favorite K-Pop content all in one place, including news, photos, videos, user created posts, etc., and provides the K-pop community with a digital playground to interact with each other in ways they’ve never been able to before. Through encouragement of real profiles and more personalized interactions, fans are able to create authentic, tight-knit communities and get to know each other beyond the toxicity and anonymity of online forums. At theQoos, fans can safely express themselves and build the types of communities they only ever dreamt of - made for theQoos, by theQoos.