Community Guidelines

theQoos aims to provide those using our service with an enjoyable experience through a variety of content based around K-Pop and related topics. Our mission is to create a healthy and safe community for K-pop fans to express their interests and to connect with one another.

theQoos’ operation policy has been established to ensure that theQoos’ community is operated in a consistent manner and that potential problems within the community are addressed.


This policy not only defines the operating standards of theQoos, but also details the guidelines that users must follow when using the application. Users are obligated to comply with the operating policies specified below, as failure to comply with these guidelines may result in various penalties. 


Please note that theQoos’ operation policy is subject to change through continued communication with users. Users have the right to make requests and suggestions to improve theQoos’ operational policies.


Hereon, ‘posts’ refers to the various forms of material, including text-based posts, image/photos, videos, links, and voice messages, shared on theQoos’ platform for the purpose of allowing users to see it.


theQoos limits the use of our application in the following cases, both temporarily or permanently:


1. Posts containing content inappropriate for minors

theQoos restricts use to those 13 years of age and up. As this is a service easily accessible to underage users, the posting of content that is inappropriate for minors is prohibited. Such prohibited content includes, but is not limited to, the following:


1-1) Posts containing explicit description of sexual acts or express abnormal sexual behavior


1-2) Posts containing violence toward one’s self or others that might disturb other users


1-3) Posts containing profanity or offensive slang directed toward another user or other unspecified person


1-4) Posts containing profanity or offensive language despite being a part of an artistic work (i.e.: song lyrics, literature) that might offend or affect the application experience of other users


1-5) Posts containing graphic description or imagery that may disturb other users (i.e.: injury of humans or animals, suicide, and self-harm)


2. Inappropriate advertising/promotional content

theQoos limits the following cases, which do not comply with the purpose of theQoos' service provision and cause an inconvenience to other users:


2-1) Posts that promote products, services, and specific groups that have no relation to theQoos


2-2) Promotional posts that are posted automatically and without theQoos’ permission


2-3) Spam-style posting, including repetitive sharing of the same content and unprompted spam messages to other users.


2-4) Trolling and engagement in community activities with commercial or malicious purposes


3. User security

theQoos prohibits activity that directly compromises the safety of our users. This includes:


3-1) Posts containing others’ personal information


3-2) Pirating or extorting others’ personal information


3-3) Encouraging other users to self-harm or commit suicide


3-4) Recruiting, enticing, advertising, or soliciting any user to perform a sexual act


4. Users’ rights protection

theQoos does not claim ownership of the content created by our users. Contents created or posted in theQoos are instead covered by intellectual property rights (like photos, art, video), granting a non-exclusive, royalty-free, transferable, sub-licensable, worldwide license to host, use, distribute, modify, run, copy, publically share, translate, and use for promotional purposes. The license can be ended by simply taking down the content or deleting your account.


Just as one’s own rights are important, the rights of others should be regarded with the same level of respect, especially in regard to copyright and dignity. theQoos prohibits posts that compromise users’ copyright, including but not limited to:


4-1) Posts containing the plagiarism of others’ work. In this case, ‘plagiarism’ is defined as ‘the distribution of a portion or the entirety of another person’s work while taking credit for it as if the work is one’s own creation.’


4-2) Posts containing the Illegal use of someone else’s photos or videos


5. Safety and reliability

theQoos allows users to post any content that they want so long as it does not infringe on other users’ freedoms or rights. The following is prohibited:


5-1) Forcing another user to do something against their will


5-2) Acts that cause harm to another user, including slander and personal attacks


6. Hate, discrimination, and conflict

theQoos fosters a community free of hate and discrimination and has zero tolerance for the following prohibited situations:


6-1) Discrimination based on attributes including but not limited to age, gender, religion, race, nationality, sexual orientation, and disabilities


6-2) Creating conflicts with another user

6-3) Hateful or hostile comments about artists, their songs, or their fans.


7. Integrity and authenticity

theQoos does not tolerate content or profiles that intend to deceive or mislead other users. This includes:

7-1) Impersonating theQoos’ operation team, celebrities, or other users

7-2) Assuming the persona of another person or entity with the intent of deceiving others

7-3) Intentionally sharing false or misleading information about individuals or protected groups that promote fear, hate, or prejudice

7-4) Posting deceptive or fraudulent links


8. Additional use restrictions 

Here are other restrictions to keep in mind when using theQoos:

8-1) The incorporation of hate speech or profanity in username or profile


8-2) Falsely reporting a post written by oneself or someone else

In the event of a violation of the operation policy, the service can be temporarily or permanently restricted and posts may be deleted.


1. Level of restriction on use according to violation


1-1) Users writing posts including suicide, self-harm, and violence are restricted from posting content for up to seven days upon first violation and 28 days in the event of repeat offenses.


1-2) Users writing posts including offensive slang, profanity, or slanderous content will be restricted from posting content for up to 28 days upon first violation, and if they violate again, account suspension will be imposed.


1-3) Users writing posts including obscene materials inappropriate for minors will be restricted from posting content for up to 28 days upon first violation, and account suspension will be imposed if violated again.


1-4) Users writing posts identified as plagiarism will be restricted from posting content for up to 28 days on initial violation, and members will be removed if they violate again.


1-5) Users who make false reports will be restricted from posting content for up to seven days on the first violation, and those who continue to violate it will be restricted from posting content for up to 28 days.


2. Additional circumstances


2-1) If a user does not does not match their post with the appropriate artist tag, the post may be blocked. Content posting is restricted for 3 days for the first violation, and content posting is restricted for 7 days upon additional violations.


2-2) In the case of impersonating a theQoos operator, celebrities, or other users, the posting of content on the device will be restricted for 365 days following the date of account suspension.


2-3) In the case of the abnormal usage of multiple accounts, account information will be deleted as a measure to suspend the accounts.


2-4) Any violators of the law, such as those who engage in cyberbullying or the promotion of gambling, will be immediately and permanently suspended.


2-5) If another account is created during the period of one account’s restriction and the operation policy is violated, use of the application will be permanently restricted.


2-6) All restrictions apply to not only the accounts that violate operating policies but also the devices that these accounts have used to access the application.


2-7) Even if it is not specifically applicable to the above items, the service may be restricted in accordance with the terms and conditions of the service if the service environment is adversely affected.

theQoos reserves the right to remove any content or information shared by users if we believe it violates our Terms of Use and other policies. theQoos may refuse to provide or stop providing all or part of the service to users (including terminating and disabling accounts) immediately to protect our community or services, or in the case of violation of our Terms of Use and other policies.

theQoos is always accepting violation reports to ensure that the application is enjoyable and provides a safe community for all users. Please report any posts that violate the above operational policies or digital laws of the United States. Reported posts shall be reviewed within a maximum of five business days and processed in accordance with the operational policy.


The personal information of users is not requested or collected by theQoos in accordance with the Privacy Policy. Therefore, it is not possible for theQoos to restore user accounts in the event of withdrawn membership or if the social media account used to create the account is no longer available.

If you have any questions or concerns about theQoos’ operation policy, please contact the e-mail address listed below.