Idols are wearing make-up 24/7, so oftentimes, knowing how they look barefaced is a complete mystery to fans! However, you know who HAS seen them without make-up? The staff working behind-the-scenes on their photoshoots. Recently, a number of beauty editors working for Korea’s top fashion magazines opened up about the idols they’ve worked with in the past – revealing which one they think has the most unforgettably flawless skin!

'ELLE Korea'

NCT’s Jaehyun

“Fashion precedes the season, so there was a time when I watched Jaehyun all day at a photoshoot where he had to wear thick autumn clothes under the scorching sun and pose cozily. As I looked at his white skin and dimples, my fingers kept moving unconsciously because I wanted to feel his skin for myself! I had a hard time holding it in. Dark circles, blemishes, pores, and bumps, which are common in guys of his age, were nowhere to be found. What on earth is this flawless face with no trace of aging?! During the interview after the shooting, I was able to figure out why. Jaehyun has a thoughtful face, with round eyes that open more widely, and he looks directly into the other person’s eyes, pressing each word firmly. I thought to myself ‘The face is a mirror of the mind.'” ― ‘Allure Korea’ Feature Editor Choi Jiwoong

‘Dazed Korea’

Oh My Girl’s Arin

“[The idol I think has the best skin is] Oh My Girl’s Arin, whom I met for a photo shoot a few weeks ago. Although we had planned for a colorful lip make-up pictorial, the brand wanted a look that emphasized their skincare line instead. As it was a pictorial that only used basic products, I was worried that the pictorial might come out boring. However, Arin’s skin on set was 100% compatible with the brand’s concept. Her skin tone was clear, and her skin texture was smooth without bumps. A moist and healthy glow that comes from the inside was seen through the camera monitor that day. In short, her skin’s just amazing.” ― Freelance Beauty Editor Im Hyunjin

‘Marie Claire Korea’

IZ*ONE’s Wonyoung

“When IZ*ONE’s youngest member Jang Wonyoung arrived at the photoshoot set, I was able to experience in-person what people commonly refer to as ‘good genetics’ skin. Because, of course, even though she’s still young, it was amazing how there were no blemishes, large pores, or bumps on her skin. From her moist glowing skin texture to small and pretty face shape, her visual was so perfect that there was little difference before and after retouching. We all couldn’t do anything but feel butterflies when we were close up. It’s a memory that is filled with our staff’s speechlessness every time a photo was taken.” ― Freelance Beauty Editor Hwang Bosun

‘W Korea’

EXO’s Baekhyun

“The ‘W’ staff was able to feel the heat even before the summer thanks to fans’ anticipation for Baekhyun’s May issue cover. What shined even brighter than the jewelry on his hands and arms was his skin [during the shoot]. In the behind-the-scenes video, there was a scene when he played with a ball and smiled innocently, and thanks to his bright skin, a boyish side was seen. […] Considering he’s known for his white and beautiful hands, it would wrong of me to exclude the fact that his fair skin and smooth hands played a part [in the shoot’s success].” ― ‘W Korea’ Contents Editor Kim Dahye

‘Nylon Korea’

Ha Sungwoon

“I cannot forget the moment [Ha Sungwoon] appeared on the set of the ‘Allure’ March 2019 issue photoshoot completely barefaced. His flawless skin was blemish-free and poreless like a peeled egg, and he had a fair skin tone. Not even those common dark circles could be found. Unexpectedly, Ha Sungwoon’s lips, which are considered to his most attractive point, felt hard-to-see because of his glowing skin. Since it was a beauty pictorial, there were many close-up scenes where the skin texture was clearly revealed, but there was little need for correction, whether it was a photo or video. When it comes to people [like Sungwoon] with good skin, the skin looks prettier without makeup at all.” ― ‘Allure Korea’ Contents Editor Song Yein

‘Vogue Korea’

MONSTA X’s Jooheon

“The memory of bumping into Jooheon in the make-up room before the shoot is vivid. He had a healthy skin tone, smooth skin texture, and a very attractive face with dimples in both cheeks. I thought they were already done with his base makeup when I said hello, but I was so surprised to hear that he had no makeup on. The camera does not do the charm of his ‘peeled egg’ skin and dimples justice. He’s a hundred times cuter and cooler in person.” ― ‘Vogue Korea’ Beauty Editor Woo Jooyeon

‘W Korea’


“IU showed up to the shoot set in a navy-colored hat covering her face, but anyone who was there knew who had arrived. I couldn’t see her bare face properly because she was crouched over and disappeared into the make-up room, but IU is IU. She was gone for, well, about two hours had passed? I thought she would come back out with intricate hair and make-up, but she looked the same as she had when she first went in. IU’s ‘barefaced make-up’ look!” ― ‘Allure Korea’ Feature Editor Choi Jiwoong

Did you bias make the cut? Which idol do you think has the best skin?

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by the theQoos