From TXT and AB6IX to ONEUS and CIX, 2019 was a great year for rookie boy groups, and with us already a quarter of the way through 2020, it is clear that this year is going to be just the same!

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In 2020, many boy groups will be making their debuts, with some of them being so hugely anticipated that they already have fandoms larger than some that have already debuted. The groups who have already debuted this year are also off to a great start!

Starship entertainment


CRAVITY, formerly referred to by fans as Starshipz, first gained attention through members Gu Jungmo, Ham Wonjin, Kang Minhee, and Song Hyeongjun appearance on the Mnet survival program ‘Produce X 101,’ with the latter two debuting with project group X1. As the ‘little brothers’ of MONSTA X, we’re excited to hear what the latest generation of Starship Entertainment sounds like!

Music Works


Comprised of former MYTEEN members Song Yuvin and Kim Kookheon, B.O.Y is a new vocal duo that combines elements of R&B, pop and ballad to create their own unique niche in the K-Pop genre. B.O.Y made their debut in January with the single ‘My Angel,’ and their 1st mini album ‘Phase One: You’ has gone on to sell become the highest selling album for a rookie act in 2020’s first quarter. Pretty impressive!

Stonemusic entertainment


TOO, also known as Ten Oriented Orchestra, is the latest group to come out of an Mnet survival program – this time, last year’s ‘World Klass.’ Unlike the project groups of the ‘Produce’ franchise, TOO don’t have a limited contract and will continue to promote as a group, making them that much easier to stan! Check out their debut single ‘Magnolia,’ the title track on mini album ‘Reason for Being: Benevolence.’

YG entertainment


As the 1st boy group to debut under YG Entertainment in four years, TREASURE is among 2020’s most anticipated rookie groups. The group is comprised of winners from the agency’s survival show ‘YG Treasure Box’ and was originally meant to debut last year. However, despite the long wait, TREASURE seems to still be rallying up fans – with the performance video for signal song ‘Going Crazy’ racking them over 11 million views!

TOP Media


Between the music videos for pre-debut single ‘Top Gang’ and debut song ‘Ice Age,’ K-Pop fans have plenty of evidence proving that MCND are performance monsters in the making. The new TOP Media boy group debuted back in February and quickly gained a number of fans thanks to their impressive dancing abilities and charismatic hip-hop attitude. We can’t wait to see what they release next!

Wollim entertainment

Woollim Rookie

They don’t have a name yet, but that hasn’t stopped Woollim Entertainment’s upcoming boy group from gaining a sizable fan base. The group is slated to feature not only former X1 member Cha Junho, but the trainees that participated in the W Project 4 special single ‘1M1S,’ Lee Hyeop, Hwang Yuseong, Joo Changuk, Kim Dongyun, and Kim Minseo. Check them out on social media under Woollim Rookie!

So which 2020 rookie boy group are you rooting for the most? Make sure to let us know in the comments below!

by the theQoos