K-Pop artists traditionally keep pretty mum when it comes to their private lives; however, as the entertainment industry gets more open-minded about , more and more are getting comfortable opening up about that special someone in their lives.

Here are some of our favorite quotes from K-Pop stars or the celebrities currently dating them. It’s super adorable being able to see the positive side of dating in public – gushing about it to the press!

Jung Kyungho’s Instagram (@jstar_allallj), Sooyoung Fansite Instagram (@sooyoungnews)

Jung Kyungho & Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung

“I think that Choi Sooyoung made the person Jung Kyungho. While I do the things that Sooyoung tells me to do and don’t do the things she tells me not to do, I was able to become a person.” — Jung Kyungho

Ryu Junyeol’s Instagram (@ryusdb), Hyeri’s Instagram (@hyeri_0609)

Girl’s Day’s Hyeri & Ryu Junyeol

“There are times that Ryu Junyeol and I depend on one another over the things we have in common, and there are times when we discuss acting together.” — Hyeri

Dawn’s Instagram (@hyojong_1994), HyunA’s Instagram (@hyunah_aa)

HyunA and Dawn

“Dawn feels like another me. When I am having difficulty making decisions and need to check back with someone, it seems I will ask Dawn, and if there is a certain something that I want to hear when I need some strength, I will ask Dawn because his existence can give me that much strength.” — HyunA

Min Hyorin’s Instagram (@hyorin_min)

BIGBANG’s Taeyang and Min Hyorin

“[Hyorin] is the sole thing that has continued to change me even now. I want to exist in such a way for her as well.” — Taeyang

Lee Hyori’s Instagram (@hyoleehyolee)

Lee Hyori and Lee Sangsoon

“My husband Lee Sangsoon is someone who has convinced me that I am a quite precious and okay person.” — Lee Hyori

Cheetah’s Instagram (@dhdldzlzl)

Nam Yeonwoo and Cheetah

“Cheetah is someone who is extremely passionate about her work and always looks into whatever it is she is thinking about. She is someone I also want to be like.” — Nam Yeonwoo

Beenzino’s Instagram (@realisshoman)

Beenzino and Stefanie Michova

“One of my favorite things is sitting in the car next to [Beenzino], talking about life and forcing [him] to listen to Disney soundtracks.” — Stefanie Michova

Jinwoo’s Instagram (@jinwoon52), Kyungri’s Instagram (@gyeongree)

Nine Muses’ Kyungri and 2AM’s Jinwoon

“When [Jinwoon] was in basic training, I sent him emails every day. He couldn’t write emails, so he’d write me handwritten letters whenever he had a moment. I have over 10 of them at home now.” — Kyungri

Have we missed a quote you really enjoy? Who are your favorite K-Pop couples?

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by the theQoos