Rosé’s solo debut has become one of the hottest releases of the year, and likewise, all eyes are on the BLACKPINK member as she steps into the spotlight as a solo artist. The idol is also gaining plenty of attention for her effortlessly cool personal style, a playful fusion of Western and Korean fashion trends – that’s surprisingly affordable for fans to follow!

For today’s feature, we’ve collected some of our favorite Rosé-approved clothing and accessory items, all valued under $100 USD. (Turns out, you don’t have to break the bank to make a statement as big as a member of BLACKPINK!)

Rosé’s Instagram, Luvistrue

DT Hair Band (Black), Luvistrue ($8.51 USD)

Luvitrue is a brand that receives a whole lot of love from female idols, including members of ITZY, Oh My Girl, and IZ*ONE. Rosé tends to wear a lot of items from the brand in her day-to-day, especially this velvety floral headband!

NAIN, Rosé’s Instagram

Mini Ruffle Collar Knit (Light Beige), NAIN ($21.72 USD)

Here is the ruffle collar knit shirt that Rosé chose to wear under a vest and skirt look. While BLACKPINK fashion is usually synonymous with girl crush, we love how the blouse not only suits Rosé, but evokes a different ultra-feminine mood!

Rosé’s Instagram, Luvistrue

DT Rose Vest & Skirt, Luvistrue ($39.11 USD, $37.87 USD)

For the same look, Rosé wears a vintage rose-patterned vest and skirt together in a way that makes it appear as one dress. The trendy pieces can be worn separately, and with that in mind, we think the vest would look super cute matched with a denim bottom!

GNCO Style, Rosé’s Instagram

V-Neck Basic Vest, COVETBLAN ($51.93 USD)

The moment we saw the sweatervest look in this photo, we had to bookmark it and find the outfit pieces ourselves! The sweatervest is made by Korean brand COVETBLAN and was originally ~$80 USD, but has since gone on sale. Unsurprisingly, the exact color Rosé is wearing has since sold out, but the same design sweater is currently available in navy blue and ivory.

Rosé’s Instagram, The Flower Season

Buttoned Tennis Skort (Black), The Flower Season ($13.48 USD)

This The Flower Season tennis skort is loved by both Rosé and Jennie! Red Velvet has also been seen wearing the skirt for performances. As a skort, no matter how short the skirt may look, you can wear it without having to worry thanks to the shorts stitched inside. We love how Rosé was able to match her skort with the COVETBLAN sweatervest to create a playful school uniform-inspired look.

W Concept, Rosé’s Instagram

Punched Lace Blouse (Black), VEM.VER ($69.51 USD)

This patterned blouse is from Korean brand VEM.VER. Rosé matched hers with a pair of high-waisted black jeans for a look that seems as playful as it is chic!

Is Rosé your BLACKPINK fashion muse?