When news about JYP Entertainment’s girl group survival program ‘Sixteen’ first broke out in 2015, it was seriously buzzworthy. While other agencies were airing similar ‘trainee battles’ to make their next boy group, girl groups were not getting a similar amount of love – and who better to create a new girl group than the agency who birthed hot acts like Wonder Girls and Miss A?

Thanks to ‘Sixteen,’ we were given the larger than life nine-member girl group TWICE. But who else did ‘Sixteen’ first reveal to the public?

Let’s catch up with the ‘Sixteen’ trainees who didn’t make it into TWICE. You might be surprised to see where they are now!

Minyoung’s Instagram

Son Minyoung

During ‘Sixteen,’ Minyoung was known for her stage confidence with powerful, diva-like vocals, even nailing the high notes during the show’s performance of Ariana Grande’s ‘Problem.’

After being eliminated during the finale, U.S. native Minyoung reportedly left JYP Entertainment to return to her home state of Washington to continue her studies. Let’s hope she’s still singing somewhere!

Mnet (left), Stone Music Entertainment (right)

Park Jiwon

Jiwon was another ‘Sixteen’ trainee that wowed with her strong and mature vocal abilities, known especially for her cover of Lim Jeonghee’s ‘Music is My Life’ during episode 3’s solo battles.

Although she did not make it into TWICE, she had a successful run in the Mnet’s 2017 survival series ‘Idol School,’ eventually making her debut as the main vocalist of fromis_9. (We knew you could do it!)

Mnet (left), Off The Record (right)

Lee Chaeyeon

Chaeyeon packed plenty of potential through her high-energy performances and natural dancing talent. However, she was the first trainee to be eliminated because Park Jinyoung felt she was too stiff and needed more training.

Two years later, Chaeyeon left JYP to join WM Entertainment, whom she represented on 2018’s ‘Produce 48.’ After ranking 12th, she was able to debut as the main dancer of IZ*ONE and has been living ‘La Vie en Rose’ ever since!


Kim Eunsuh

Another JYP trainee dancing queen, Eunsuh made jaws drop with her flexibility and sexy dance performance of ‘Broken-Hearted Girl’ by Beyonce during her one-on-one battle with Mina. (San-E’s jaw dropping was our favorite part!)

Eunsuh got eliminated shortly after this and eventually left JYP Entertainment. However, fans saw her again as an ‘Idol School’ contestant, where she earned 14th place. Her Instagram dance videos give us hope she’s training for debut!

Jeon Somi

During ‘Sixteen,’ Somi impressed with her unconventional performance during the first episode’s ‘Are You a Star?’ challenge. In the episode, she dazzled not with a dance stage, but a taekwondo performance set to 2PM’s ‘Heartbeat.’

Somi has since had an extremely successful idol career. Not only did she rank #1 in ‘Produce 101,’ she debuted through I.O.I, moved to YG Entertainment’s The Black Label, and made her solo debut. All before graduating high school!

JYP Entertainment

Lee Chaeryeong The dancing gene must run in the family! Chaeyeon’s younger sister Chaeryeong also wowed during her time on ‘Sixteen.’ One notable stage is her dance to Ledisi’s ‘Lose Control’ during a battle against Sana and Dahyun.

So where is Chaeryeong now? Serving as the main dancer of ITZY, of course! As the only eliminated contestant to stay at JYP Entertainment, she proved fans that she’s worth the wait by debuting through the monster rookie group.

Mnet (left), Swing Entertainment (right)

Natty (Ahnatchaya Suputhipong)

‘Sixteen’s Thai contestant Natty was well-known on the program for her one-on-one dance battle with Momo, where she put on a moving dance performance to Sam Smith’s ‘Lay Me Down’ – at only 13 years old!

After being eliminated, Natty soon left JYP, but that wasn’t the end of her journey. She appeared as a contestant on ‘Idol School’ as well, and debuted this month through Swing Entertainment with the single ‘Nineteen.’ Congrats!


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