It’s amazing how one little dot in the right place can completely change the mood of someone’s look! Yes, while some idols choose to cover up their freckles and moles, others have been embracing them as a beauty accent that’s uniquely theirs – so much so that so many of our favorite faces have their own trademark beauty mark. (Sometimes even ones a make-up artist added themselves!) For this Idol Beauty installment, we are celebrating some of our favorite beauty mark looks in K-Pop. Did we include your favorite?

Kakao M Entertainment

IU’s Mood-Changing Eye Beauty Mark

IU is well-known for the dainty freckle on her right cheek, but during her recent ‘Lilac’ promotions, one of her most memorable looks had her rocking a tiny beauty mark over her right eye. While her cheek freckle has her looking youthful and adorable, the beauty mark over her eye had more of a chic charm, especially when paired with rosy blush and lipstick.

Feel Ghood Music

BIBI’s Unique Red Freckles

BIBI’s iconic red ‘double freckle’ on her right cheek adds the playful charm of a sexy villainness to her otherwise youthful and feminine visual. The freckles are drawn in with a rust-colored eyeliner, adding an additionally unique flare to her look.

SM Entertainment

Joy’s Au Naturale Nose Mole

Red Velvet’s Joy is among the number of idols who are embracing their natural moles and prominent freckles in the current generation. Korean beauty editors love the placement of Joy’s unique mole, as it accentuates not only her small face, but her lovely long nose bridge. It also added a special charm to looks from her retro solo promotions, evoking natural bohemian vibes.

Starship Entertainment

Wonyoung’s Lovely Cheek Beauty Mark

Another ‘spotted beauty’ that is a must-have for this list is none other than former IZ*ONE center Wonyoung, who is famous for her porcelain doll-like appearance to a point where her lovely trademark cheek freckles look like they were handpainted on due to their perfect placement. Note how slight contouring and the use of a warm-toned blush truly call attention to them!

Karina’s Femme Fatale Lip Mole

aespa’s Karina is among the most notable ‘girl crush’ rookie visuals these days, and a major factor of her signature look is the beauty mark not too far from the corner of her bottom lip. Paired with her full lips and cat-like eyes, the beauty mark completes Karina’s seductive and chic aura in a way that’s completely unique to her.


HyunA’s Playful ‘Strawberry Freckles’

Veteran idol HyunA has always been known for the beauty mark under her eye, but when the ‘Pippi’ look became trendy in Korea, she also captured attention with her all-around freckle make-up, referred to as ‘strawberry freckles’ as they resemble the seeds on a strawberry. According to beauty editors, the key to mastering this look is spacing the dots out, as too much too close will just look like freckles without the quirky strawberry effect.

Who has your favorite beauty mark in K-Pop?