Despite idols constantly dying their hair, when they step on stage it always appears smooth, silky, and healthier than ever. You might wonder what they use to achieve such a look. We’ve rounded up some cult favorite hair products amongst idols such as BTS, NCT, Monsta X, EXO, Twice, Blackpink, and more.

SM Entertainment, Urban Tribe

Urban Tribe Smooth Treatment Oil

This product was directly recommended by Park Naejoo, the hairstylist for NCT, EXO, Monsta X, The Boyz to name a few, on his personal YouTube channel.

SM Entertainment, Urban Tribe

Urban Tribe Hydrate Leave in Foam

This product was also recommended by the hairstylist on his YouTube channel. It can be spotted in NCT 127 and NCT Dream’s dorms, during the Relay Cam series.

HYBE, Lucidol-L

Lucidol-L Argan Rich Oil Hair Treatment Cream

Found in the background of almost all backstage music show vlogs, this treatment is a necessity when it comes to getting glossy hair.

HYBE, Mise-en-scene

Mise-en-scene Perfect Serum Original

This product is a favorite amongst the BTS members. It has been spotted with them all across the world when they were on tour. Some of the members even go out of their way to pack it in their luggage during Bon Voyage.

SM Entertainment, Batiste

Batiste Clean & Classic Dry Shampoo

With all the intense dancing idols have to perform, it is inevitable for idols to sweat, especially during concerts. BTS AND NCT have been spotted using this product mid-concert and in-between performances as a quick fix.

HYBE, Cock Grease

Cock Grease Xxtra Hard Hair Pomade

Similarly, with all the intense dancing, it is important to keep hair in place. Used to set hair in place, this product can be found with almost all male idols.

Creker Entertainment, Mise-en-scene

Mise-en-scene Power Swing Super Hard in M4 and M6

The iconic orange and blue color of these hair wax containers are almost instantaneously recognizable amongst fans.The M4 wax is used to maintain natural volume whereas M6 wax is used for elasticity and shine.

The most surprising part about all these products is their affordable price. While it might be different based on where one lives, all the products are around $30 dollars or less.

Are there any you are interested in?