Just as K-Pop continues to push the envelope with their albums and music videos, idols likewise are continuing to experiment more and more with their fashion, so it’s no surprise that the Korean entertainment industry is home to some serious ‘fashion leaders’ — including our girl HyunA! Similar to how she’s handled her professional life, HyunA definitely doesn’t take the traditional route with her personal style either — always daring to be bold and break various fashion rules and taboos with her eclectic, mix-and-match tastes. For this installment of ‘Idol Style,’ we are checking out some of HyunA’s best Instagram outfits, proving the idol has just as much fun off-stage as she does when she’s on it!

Rainbow knee-high socks, a white leopard-patterned fur hat, short flouncy tutu-like skirt, and polka dot high heels. HyunA is dressed in statement items from head-to-toe — yet somehow she manages to pull it off!

In this set of photos, HyunA is seen layering a pink turtleneck with a bright yellow short-sleeved blouse. Even her layering style is uniquely cool!

We are not only in love with these floral-patterned vintage cowboy boots, but also with how HyunA sensibly matched them with a black and yellow outfit, which somehow makes the entire look seem less loud and more put together.

Another one of HyunA’s hip layered looks — sweatpants tucked into long leather boots and a vintage blouse tucked into sweatpants. (Yes, even fluffy grey sweatpants can read as luxurious if you’re HyunA!)

HyunA also certainly doesn’t shy away from color! In this set, she rocks a vintage blouse that seems like something out of her grandmother’s closet, pairing it with a Chanel leather scarf, beaded hat, and gold crossbody bag.

This is one of our favorite HyunA looks just because it’s so cutely kitsch! We’re not sure what we’re most in love with — the yellow floral parka, the bright red Yankees bag, or the retro sunglasses. (Wait, no. We’re definitely most in love with her dog.)

Usually celebrities with a ‘sexy’ image like HyunA insist on revealing or tight clothes, and while those have their time and place too, it’s refreshing to see her looking so effortlessly cool in this avant-garde baggy pants look — paired with her signature red lip because, well, it’s HyunA.

’90s rocker-inspired lingerie looks are a resurrected fashion trend as of late; however, HyunA’s lingerie look — a pink lace slipdress — is less sexy and more artsy thanks the the incorporation of a floral padded jacket and long boots.

This is one of those looks that get equal parts tackier and more exciting the more you take it in. Sandles in socks, an ‘ahjumma’-style dress and visor, and — hey, wait, is that a Ring Pop?! Only HyunA could make such a campy look come off so strangely editorial.

What do you think about HyunA’s eclectic style? Who is your favorite K-Pop fashionista?

Let us know which idol’s closet you’d like us to analyze next!

Source: HyunA’s Instagram (@hyunah_aa)