Cardigans are a must-have during the cold weather months — and are one of our favorite parts about the season. Cardigan naysayers might be quick to call cardigans simply casual and plain, but some of our favorite K-Pop ladies are proving there’s quite a few different ways to wear them. From ‘lovely’ to ‘hip,’ let’s check out the diverse cardigan styles idols are wearing these days!

NATURE’s Instagram

NATURE’s Uchae

Uchae’s knit cardigan mimics the pattern of tweed fabric, creating an elegant mood that can add a touch of sophistication to any outfit. We love how the combination of her ‘goddess wave’ hairstyle, blazer, and hoop earrings create a look that is both comfortable and timelessly stylish.

Sunmi’s Instagram


Nordic cardigans with their classic snowflake pattern are pretty much the ubiquitous winter look. With that in mind, Sunmi has styled it up by tapping into its retro quality, pairing it with some high-waisted denim jeans to create a hip look overall.

ITZY’s Instagram

ITZY’s Ryujin

Lovely Ryujin has always been one of our favorites when it comes to more tomboy-style fashion, and her unisex Lacoste cardigan truly hits it out of the park! Lacoste cardigans come in a number of different colors and patterns, and the warm-toned color palette of Ryujin’s makes her look nice and cozy.

(G)I-DLE’s Instagram

(G)I-DLE’s Miyeon

Miyeon is always one to be followed when it comes to classic and feminine fashion! For this look, she takes an otherwise monochrome all-black outfit and adds a youthful punch by incorporating a bright red cable-knit cardigan. (She even matches her make-up to it by wearing a red lip and rosy blush!)

Jennie’s Instagram

Blackpink’s Jennie

Jennie’s femme fatale cardigan and pearls look marries ‘sexy’ and ‘lovely’ in a way that absolutely screams Chanel brand ambassador! The cardigan itself is full-length, but by only buttoning two buttons, she’s turned it into more of a crop top look. We always look forward to the BLACKPINK girls’ style creativity!

GFRIEND’s Instagram


Yerin’s cardigan look is what we’d like to call ‘retro geek chic’! This pale yellow cardigan with floral detail reminds us of the 1970s, and her light wash denim jeans and long braided pigtails add an additional playfulness to the look. Have you ever seen anyone more carefree?

HyunA’s Instagram


If you’re looking for unique fashion inspiration, look no further than HyunA’s mix-and-match style. For the look, she pairs her lace-collared mauve cardigan with cuffed denim and leopard-printed hightops to create a look that is trademark HyunA wild! The idol’s definitely not afraid to dress loud.

EVERGLOW’s Instagram


The EVERGLOW girls are known for darker, dramatic concepts, so it’s always fun when their style takes a more playful turn. Yiren’s purple hair is a perfect complementary color match for her bright yellow oversized cardigan look, and the matching black hat is chef’s kiss! Who doesn’t love a beret moment?

Which of these cardigan looks are your favorite?

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