Kang Daniel is an idol who really has it all – his own record label, an incoming flood of endorsement deals, a hit new album, and, well, let’s just say a girlfriend who really knows how to make him ‘Feel Special.’ However, recently, he added even more to the list – his very own cafe!

Cafe De KONNECT is an open-to-the-public coffee and dessert cafe located in the first floor of Daniel’s agency, KONNECT Entertainment. Right in the heart of Gangnam’s high-end Apgujeong neighborhood and a short trip from the Garosugil shopping district, the cafe is a convenient must-stop spot for K-Pop fans who love a good cute cafe!

The cafe has a chic minimalist interior, with a playlist that’s 100% Kang Daniel playing in the background. (No, seriously, can we work here?) Fans wanting to visit with a group of friends might want to arrive closer to their 10:30 AM open time, as the single-story cafe only has seating for about 20 people and might be busy during different promotional events.

The menu includes standard espresso-based drinks, but is also currently offering special edition Kakao Friends collaboration items like Apeach Kang Daniel Edition pink cocoa, milk tea, and macarons. All purchases from the featured menu come with one of six exclusive Kang Daniel coasters as a gift.

We purchased an Apeach Kang Daniel milk tea set, which included the special edition coaster and a macaron and cost a total of 8,500 KRW (approximately $7 USD). The milk tea comes in a reusable glass bottle featuring the adorable Kang Daniel version Apeach, complete with the trademark wavy bangs and beauty mark. (We’re basically obsessed.)

As for the macarons, they are come in three different designs and have a delicious strawberry cream frosting on the inside. They’re almost too cute to eat – especially Glasses Apeach (who looks so much like Daniel himself it’s almost overwhelming).

And then there’s the merch wall, which has plenty of Kakao Friends x Kang Daniel collaboration products out right now for purchase. The price list begins at 6,000 KRW (approximately $5 USD) and goes up from there, making it pretty affordable to bring something cute home from your visit.

Personally, we were big fans of this Apeach Kang Daniel figurine pushing a shopping cart full of cats. Not just because Kang Daniel is easily our favorite crazy cat lady in K-Pop, but because the cats were designed to look like his real ones too!

If you’re visiting Seoul and want to check out Cafe De KONNECT, it is open from 10:30 AM – 8:00 PM every day except Monday, with the last order taken at 7:30 PM.

The KONNECT Entertainment building is located at Eonjuro 159-gil 7, Gangnam-gu and roughly a 10-minute walk from Apgujeong Station Exit 3. It is also accessible by bus and taxi.

Follow Cafe De KONNECT on Instagram at @cafe_de_konnect for more updates.

by the theQoos