One of the biggest draws for fans of K-Pop is the creative concepts, and when it comes to concepts, there are certainly a whole lot of trends! Whether it’s ‘girl crush,’ ‘school boy,’ ‘dark and manly,’ or ‘hip-hop,’ a number of them are so adored by fans that they’ve quickly become K-Pop staples.

Lately, we’ve discovered another concept trend we’re falling in love with – boy groups in fun and sporty basketball jersey looks. These boys are looking so good that we can’t help but ask:

“Wait, is this a boy band or a for-real sports team?!” 🏀

Golden Child’s Official Twitter

Woollim Entertainment

Golden Child

On July 17’s broadcast of ‘Music Bank,’ GolCha wowed with on-point basketball uniforms for their ‘OMG’ stage. Not only did everyone match, but the uniforms were custom-made for each member, featuring their name and team ‘number.’

The group brought back their uniformed look for a special ‘OMG’ choreography video – filmed on an actual basketball court!

AB6IX’s Official Twitter



Another group rocking the basketball team concept for their latest comeback is none other than AB6IX!

From ‘sailor’ to ‘all-red suits,’ the group tried out an impressively broad variety of stage costumes for their ‘Answer’ promotions. However, we loved nothing more than their wild and youthful ‘basketball’ looks from the July 12th episode of ‘Inkigayo.’

(No, seriously. Look how cute Woong is a headband, you guys.)

MCND’s Official YouTube

TOP Media


Earlier this year, TOP Media rookie group MCND incorporated a ‘basketball practice’ concept into a special performance video they created to promote their comeback single ‘Spring.’

Not only did the boys shoot the entire video in one take, they also showed off some impressive basketball skills – shooting baskets, making passes, and spinning the basketball on their fingers as they delivered their lines. Swag!

TXT’s Official Twitter

Big Hit Entertainment


Anyone remember when BTS met the LA Lakers? (Just kidding. Bad joke.)

Back in April 2019, TXT performed ‘Cat & Dog’ on ‘Show! Music Core,’ where they all rocked different Lakers jerseys – and took this adorable backstage pic with the rest of the Big Hit family.

Later, during the 2020 Golden Disc Awards, they brought back the basketball concept for their ‘New Rules’ performance, even incorporating a basketball into their choreography!

Has your bias group rocked the look before?

Which other groups do you think would suit it best?

Sound off in the comments!

by the theQoos

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