John Cena may be known to most Americans as one of the WWE’s most popular wrestling stars, but if you’re an ARMY, you certainly know him for something way different – his love for all things BTS! But how did John Cena’s BTS ARMY life begin? Let’s take a look at how one of our favorite celebrity K-Pop fans came to love its hottest group – and how the BTS ARMY have come to love him too!

NBC ‘Tonight Show’

On September 29, the wrestler was a guest on Jimmy Fallon’s ‘Tonight Show’ during BTS Week, where he opened up about his long-withstanding love for the group’s music: “I love what [BTS] has done because they’re this massively popular thing, and they’ve been so globally popular for so long. And then I was like, ‘Okay, I should probably know about this.’ So when I started to look at BTS and listen to their music, I was originally drawn because there are rappers in that crew, and they use – on some of their intro tracks and bookend tracks – they use sick-ass boom-bap beats, and they actually rap.”

NBC ‘Tonight Show’

However, he admitted that his love for BTS does not stop at hip-hop. “So I got interested in their music, and then I got interested in what the music stood for. And they advocate self-love. They advocate don’t be afraid of failure. They advocate that you are enough. They kind of are trying to shatter all the stereotypical difficulties and uncomfortable situations that we go through, and they’re catering to an audience that is living that – young people. So that’s why they’re so popular around the world. One, they’re great performers, but it’s the message they send – it resonates with the people.” He also complimented both BTS’s donation toward the #BlackLivesMatter movement and BTS ARMY’s collective effort to match that donation amount. John even jumped in and donated $1 million USD himself as part of the initiative.


John Cena first announced that he was a part of the BTS ARMY in 2018, sharing on Korean TV program ‘Entertainment Weekly’ that his bias is none other than rapper J-Hope. When BTS found out John Cena was a fan, J-Hope asked, “John Cena, are you ARMY?” to which he replied “Naneun Gundaeda.” on Twitter, accidentally saying “I am the (military) army” rather than “I am ARMY.” (So cute!)


BTS ARMY were so endeared over John Cena being such a big BTS fan that the fateful day when BTS and the wrestler finally meet became a huge trend among fan artists who rendered adorable Photoshop edits imagining John and the boys finally hanging out!

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But BTS ARMY are also supporting John Cena in big ways too – especially with the promotion of his children’s book series ‘Elbow Grease.’ Not only have ARMY been purchasing the books themselves, but they also made sure to attend his book signings – bringing him surprise BTS-related gifts!

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