RBW Entertainment is truly globalizing the K-Pop game!

On February 27, the agency, home to ONEUS and Mamamoo, debuted their latest act – the all-Vietnamese idol group D1Verse.

Want to know about them? So did we! Here are some basic information and fun facts you’ll want to know if you’re thinking you’re getting ready to stan.

Fact #1: They were formed through ‘We Will Debut.’

D1Verse’s five members (main vocal Hong Phu, lead vocal Quang Huy, rapper Tran Binh, main dancer Duc Ung, and maknae/vocals Minh Hoang) are all contestants chosen through Naver VLIVE’s competition program ‘We Will Debut.’ The program ran in the fall of 2019, focusing on having idol hopefuls in Vietnam showcase their talents and work hard to debut in RBW’s first V-Pop group!

Fact #2: The D1Verse boys are huge fans of K-Pop idols.

D1Verse may be natives to Vietnam, but they’ve been K-Pop fans for a long, long time! The members cite idol acts like Kang Daniel, EXO, BIGBANG, BTS, and MAMAMOO as major influences. The group’s main dancer Duc Ung was also part of a popular K-Pop cover dance group B-Wild. Check him out dancing Jungkook’s part in ‘DNA’ above!

Fact #3: Their name means way more than just ‘diverse.’

D1Verse has a combination of different meanings. Not only does it mean ‘diverse,’ but the 1 emphasizes their unity, the capital V emphasizes their Vietnam roots, ‘verse’ stands for the varied ‘universe’ they will show through their activities. All together, ‘D1Verse’ signifies that while the members each have their own individual colors and mannerisms, but they also have the ability to work together as a unified team.

Fact #4: D1Verse has already released TWO original songs.

While D1Verse debuted in February with the single ‘Monster’ off their first single album ‘Pantheon: Volcano,’ it actually isn’t the first song D1Verse released for their fans. Back in November, soon after the end of ‘We Will Debut,’ they also released a performance video for their original song ‘Bring It Low.’ You can check the full clip out above!

Fact #5: They danced back-up for ONEUS’s ‘Lit’ music video.

One of their first big gigs after being formed was appearing as the back-up dancers for their RBW ‘big brothers’ ONEUS’s 2019 single “Lit.” While they’re wearing black masks for the duration of the music video, making it a little difficult to make them out, fans can check out plenty of ONEUS-D1Verse interaction in D1Verse’s behind-the-scenes YouTube video!

While D1Verse is already off to a great start, RBW has revealed that they are currently preparing the group for activities that are – well, equally diverse. Through their ‘K-Pop Incubating System,’ the company hopes to not only foster their dancing and singing talents, but continue to cultivate their visuals, special talents, and variety show skills.

Think you’re ready to stan D1Verse?

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by the theQoos