Planning a trip to Seoul and want to meet your favorite idol while you’re there? Chances are you may have considered a fan signing. Fan signings usually happen within the first few weeks of an idol’s album release, and they are not only a clever way for agencies to boost album sales, but they are also a wonderful opportunity to talk to your bias 1-on-1!

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If you’re new to fan signings, there are some Korean words and phrases that will be helpful for you to know. Keep these in mind, and you’ll find the fan signing experience much, much easier.

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팬싸 [paen-ssa]

‘팬싸’ is the short way of saying ‘fan sign’ in Korean. While agencies will usually refer to the event as a ‘팬사인회’ [paen-sa-in-hwae], most people usually shorten it this way.

추첨 [chu-cheom]

Who can attend a fan signing is determined by a lottery system – or ‘추첨’. One album equals one entry into the pool, so if an idol is really famous, fans might need to buy more than 100 albums to even get a shot!

팬싸 컷 [paen-ssa keot]

Before fans purchase any albums, they tend to research what the ‘팬싸 컷’ is – essentially, the minimum of albums they need to buy in order to get in. This is not a confirmed number, as it is usually based on past experiences going to that idol’s events.

음반판매점 [eum-ban pan-mae-jeom]

Prior to the event, the agency will announce which store – or ‘음반판매점’ – fans will need to go to when purchasing albums that will count for the fan signing lottery.

응모권 [eung-won-gwon]

An ‘응모권’ is a ticket a fan receives confirming how many albums they purchased for the lottery deciding who can go to the event. Make sure the music store gives you one!

당첨자 [dang-cheom-ja]

A ‘당첨자’ is a winner! On the day the agency announces who will get into the fan signing, they will usually post a ‘당첨자’ list in the idol’s official fan cafe.

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팬싸템 [paen-ssa-taem]

‘팬싸템’ combines ‘팬싸’ with ‘tem’ from the word ‘item.’ A ‘팬싸템’ is a cute accessory a fan would buy before the event for the idol to wear, usually a headband or hat.

포스트잇 [po-seu-teu-it]

Simply put, ‘포스트잇’ is just the Konglish for ‘Post-It’ – a simple word, but a very important part of the event! A fan needs to give the idol a Post-It with their name so idols know who to sign the autograph to. Post-Its are also used to ask idols questions.

번호표 [beon-ho-pyo]

If a fan has won entry into the event, once they arrive, they will receive a ‘번호표’ – or ‘number ticket’ – that will tell them where to sit and which order they will meet the idol.

찍덕 [jjik-deok]

‘찍덕’ combines the word for taking a photo – ‘찍다’ – with the word ‘덕후,’ which is how Koreans pronounce the Japanese word ‘otaku’. This is a slang for fans who attend events like fan signings with large and expensive cameras, ready to take tons of fansite photos.

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