Everyone has a role model, and when it comes to the idol world, many K-Pop stars have another one they look up to. However, among active idols, there are also some serious fanboys or fangirls — idols who are not only ‘admirers’ of certain professional role models, but full-on stans just like the rest of us! We’ve rounded up some of our favorite K-Pop idol ‘stans’ in the industry. Do you have the same biases?

KQ Entertainment, E’LAST’s Official Instagram

E’LAST’s Wonhyuk Fan of: ATEEZ’s San

Fans of E Entertainment’s rookie boy group E’LAST know main vocalist Wonhyuk to be a huge fan of ATEEZ — especially San. Not only have ATEEZ posters been spotted by Wonhyuk’s dorm bed, but he’s also flaunted various ATEEZ merch — including a signed album — on E’LAST’s social media.

“San’s expressions on stage move my heart. The phrase I’d associate with him is ‘master of facial expressions,’ and I’d like to become one too. It’s all about his charisma and facial expressions on stage. He kind of makes my heart flutter.” — Wonhyuk, on San

ATEEZ’s Wooyoung Fan of: BTS’s Jimin

Wooyoung is a well-known Jimin fanboy, and it’s no surprise to see why! Not only did he used to be a Big Hit trainee, but as the main dancers of their respective groups, the two have a similar passion for performance. Atinys have been known to gift Wooyoung with BT21 Chimmy merch at fan events, and every time, the idol wears it proudly. Jimin is also his dream collab star! Check out some of Wooyoung’s serious BTS fanboying above!

Arirang TV

Kim Samuel Fan of: BLACKPINK’s Jisoo

When solo artist Kim Samuel admitted to his crush on BLACKPINK’s Jisoo, the news spread through K-Pop news sites all around the world — and with her sweet mannernism and flawless visual, could anyone blame him? Back in 2017, Samuel got the chance to meet her during the ‘Seoul Music Awards,’ where he was able to take a group photo with Jisoo and the other BLACKPINK members. Lucky for him, Jisoo was the member that decidedly posed next to him, making Samuel a very, very lucky fan!

BTS’s Jungkook Fan of: BIGBANG’s G-Dragon

IU might be Jungkook’s ideal type, but when it comes to his biggest K-Pop role model (outside of his groupmates, of course), ARMY knows him to be a HUGE G-Dragon fanboy. Jungkook has cited GD as the reason he wanted to become an idol on quite a few occasions. ARMY have even gifted Jungkook with many G-Dragon/BIGBANG-related items in the past — including an official BIGBANG lightstick of his very own! Check out some of Jungkook’s hilarious fanboy moments in the video above!

Key’s Instagram

SHINee’s Key Fan of: BoA

SHINee’s Key could possibly be one of K-Pop’s most successful fanboys — having gone from simply being a BoA fan to eventually being one of her closest friends! Since Key’s debut in 2008, the two have spent plenty of time together both professionally and personally, collaborating together and having each other’s backs as friends. BoA even made sure to lift Key’s spirits with occasional visits during his military service!

“I still would’ve liked BoA even if she were a guy. If this person comes out with something new, and it’s not as good as before, some might feel a little disappointed. But I’ve never felt that with her. I didn’t just like BoA because she was pretty. I liked the iconic part of her as an artist, and now I’ve come to like her as a person as well.” — Key, on BoA

Apink’s Bomi Fan of: iKON’s Bobby

Apink’s Bomi is a big fan of iKON, and famously made her love for the group known through a viral video where she threw on a hoodie and a funny pair of sunglasses and performed the iKON single ‘Rhythm Ta’ in an impressive Bobby voice. Fans also captured video of her at an award show during iKON’s performance, where she sat with the other Apink members while rapping along and participating in the fan chants. Watch Bomi let her iKONic flag fly in the video above!

Nate Pann

JBJ95’s Kenta Fan of: TEENTOP’s Ricky

Similar to Key, JBJ95’s Kenta is another example of a successful fan who was able to become friends with their idol once they had debuted. Kenta was a huge TEENTOP fan during his younger years in Japan, and it was member Ricky who eventually inspired him to try becoming an idol. The two became friends when they appeared together on the same variety show back in 2017. While shooting the show, Ricky told his fans that he’s begun to start calling Kenta “hyung” because he’s slightly older. (So cute!)


Ailee Fan of: BIGBANG’s Taeyang

Ailee is one of many skilled K-Pop vocalists who cites BIGBANG’s Taeyang as a major inspiration, and many fans can recall the time Ailee appeared on ‘Yoo Heeyeol’s Sketchbook’ only to receive the surprise of her life! After performing a cover of Taeyang’s ‘This Isn’t It,’ Yoo Heeyeol surprised her with not only a signed BIGBANG album, but even gave her an opportunity to talk to Taeyang on the phone. Ailee was (obviously) completely fangirlfing — not only screaming with shock, but being adorably shy during their convo. Check out the adorable phone call above!

Stray Kids’ Official Instagram

Stray Kids’ Hyunjin Fan of: GOT7’s Jinyoung

Hyunjin and Jinyoung were among the sweetest bromances to come out of Stray Kids’ 2017 TV program. Hyunjin was comfortably vocal when it came to admitting he was a big fan of the GOT7 all-rounder — often complimenting his singing, dancing, and acting skills. However, when he finally got to confess his admiration to Jinyoung in person, he adorably froze up. These days, the two have a supportive sunbae-hoobae relationship, and Hyunjin is doing quite well proving he’s just as talented as his GOT7 idol!


Weki Meki’s Yoojung Fan of: 2NE1

Before winning fans’ hearts through I.O.I and Weki Meki, Yoojung’s own heart was being won over by none other than YG Entertainment’s original girl group 2NE1! The idol consistently cites them as her idols in interviews, and when she got the chance to meet Dara on an episode of ‘Idol League,’ she was unable to contain her excitement!

“I’ve been a fan of 2NE1 since before my debut. I actually auditioned for YG Entertainment in the past just because I wanted to be in the same company as 2NE1. I’ve got lots of 2NE1 official merchandise at home as well. You can’t get stuff like that now, you know. I’ve got them all at home.” — Yoojung, on 2