Which boy group main dancers have international K-Pop fans been losing their minds over? From members in veteran acts like BTS to newer groups like CIX and ENHYPEN, we’re celebrating the ‘it boys’ of dance in the current K-Pop generation. Did your favorite make the cut?

Big Hit Music

BTS’s Jimin & J-Hope

Considering BTS’s global impact as performers, it shouldn’t be a surprise that BTS’s two dancing fiends Jimin and J-Hope have made our list. Jimin started dancing when he was in middle school, but he gained talented fast enough to become a top student in the dance department at Busan Arts High School, mastering a number of genres, including hip-hop, popping, modern dance, Korean traditional dance, acrobatics, and even martial arts. ARMY, in particular, are big fans of his modern dance performances, where Jimin not only channels emotion through dance but shows exceptional control of speed and flexibility. J-Hope was a popular dancer in Gwangju well before his debut, performing both street dances and choreography and winning several awards. He’s a known perfectionist, and his technique, sense of rhythm, and expressiveness are all incredible. There are many legendary BTS-related dance videos, but for this feature, we’d like to show you this BTS TV ‘Highlight Reel’, which has more than 20 million views and showcases both members’ impressive dance sensibilities.

SM Entertainment

NCT Dream’s Jisung

Born in 2002, Jisung is not only the maknae of NCT Dream, but also their main dancer. Rumor has it he’s been dancing since he was very young, having previously been active as a child actor and a member of Poppin Hyunjoon Kids Crew. It was only time before someone with that much talent made their way to SM Entertainment! He was announced as an SM Rookie in 2013, when he was just in elementary school, then debuted (as a middle schooler!) It’s been about six years since his debut, and he’s since proved himself as another terrific dancer to be added to SM’s powerful dance lineage. Our dance video pick for Jisung is one of his recent performances of ‘Hello Future’! In the past six years, the idol’s grown to over 180 cm (nearly six feet!), and his great proportions for dancing are definitely highlighted in this. He’s got so much control as a dancer that you can’t even tell that he recently recovered from a knee injury!

FNC Entertainment

SF9’s Taeyang

At first glance, Taeyang looks like a stoic actor type, but he transforms every time he dances! Taeyang is one-half of SF9’s main dancer line, alongside groupmate Chani, and he was first introduced to fans as a member of FNC’s dance team ‘NEOZ.’ Having started studying dance in high school, he has a talent in creating a dramatic atmosphere as if one was watching a musical or modern dance, and he incorporates delicate emotional acting into his performance, augmented by his tall stature and long limbs. This year, his presence as a competitor on Mnet’s ‘Kingdom’ survival program also made a huge impact, receiving favorable reviews from both K-Pop fans and industry experts. For our video pick, we’ve gone with Taeyang’s dance cover of Michael Jackson’s ‘Smooth Criminal’, which was released late last year and has since accrued more than 500,000 views!

C9 Entertainment

CIX’s Jinyoung

Thanks to Mnet’s ‘Produce 101’ series, Jinyoung successfully made his debut as Wanna One, but it wasn’t until his re-debut in CIX back in July 2019 that international fans really caught onto his star power. He’s matured rapidly in both apperance and dance ability, having come a long way since his wanna One days! Among the CIX members, Jinyoung is known to be the first one to master new choreography, and he not only continues to build on his own dance style, but participates in dance-making for the group. His trademark dance signature is pairing the moves with an intense expression and utilizing movemnts that accentuate his uniquely slim and long physique. One iconic Jinyoung moment was his performance during a special episode of MBC’s ‘Show! Music Core’ that was shot live and on-location in Boyeong. While it rained incredibly hard during CIX’s performance of ‘Movie Star,’ the soaking wet Jinyoung did not seem to show any panic. Rather, he used it to his advantage by performing a sexier stage – and, needless to say, the fan cam went absolutely viral!



For those who might not be familiar with the rookie group, ENHYPEN debuted in November of last year after being formed through Mnet and Big Hit Music’s audition program ‘I-LAND’, and Niki is their maknae and unofficial main dancer. Born in 2005, he’s one of the youngest idols in K-Pop right now, but he’s often mistaken for older due to his nearly-six-foot height! Niki was born in Okayama, Japan, where his parents ran a dance studio. The precocious talent was covering Michael Jackson choreography by the age of three, and he even got to appeared as a child dancer at a SHINee concert in his home country. He moved to Seoul at a young age with the dream of becoming a K-Pop artist and studied with some of the best dance instructors in Korea. His potential and unique skills have won him the compliments of BTS’s J-Hope, SEVENTEEN’s The8, Rain, and even Bang PD! Similar to other top dancers like BTS’s Jimin and EXO’s Kai, Niki studied ballet, and he’s a graceful dancer with great control and a keen sense of rhythm. Such natural talent can be seen in his solo fan cam during a performance of ‘Drunk-Dazed’ on Mnet’s ‘M Countdown’ this past April, which has since surmassed over 700,000 views.

Cre.ker Entertainment

The Boyz’s Juyeon

While The Boyz are all phenomenal dancers, one member that definitely catches the eye is none other than lead dancer Juyeon. The idol wowed with his dance moves so much during both Mnet’s ‘Road to Kingdom’ and ‘Kingdom’ competition shows that he practically became the face for the series! Not only is he talented at dancing his way through a number of different genres, he’s also known to be incredibly flexible – and has been known to bust out a split right in the middle of a variety show taping. Prior to dancing, Juyeon was a young athlete, with his specialty being basketball. All of the quick-footing involved in the sport transferred beautifully into his career as a dancing idol, as his footwork is among the top among male idols! We’re particular fans of his ‘A to BOYZ’ solo performance of The Weeknd’s ‘In Your Eyes,’ which was packed with both both talent and swag. Is this your favorite Juyeon dance performance to?

Big Hit Music

TXT’s Yeonjun

Far before his debut in TXT, Yeonjun was famous among Big Hit Entertainment trainees as the one to beat. Whether it’s dancing, singing, or rapping, he excels as the epitome of all-rounder, and according to the TXT members, he was constantly finishing on top during monthly trainee evaluations. Prior to his dances with Big Hit, Yeonjun was a trainee at Cube Entertainment, and was even active as a back-up dancer, with his biggest gig being a part of San-E and Rania’s ‘A Midsummer Night’s Sweetness’ stage during the 2014 MMAs. Given his strong dance experience, it should be no surprise that he was selected as Studio Choom’s Artist of the Month for July 2021. To celebrate the achievement, he performed an incredibly cool, rock-infused dance performance set to Harry Styles’ ‘Watermelon