Sometimes K-Pop fans get so wrapped up in the performance side of our favorite idols that we forget that they’re definitely human too! Just like us, they have a whole private life — filled with relatable day-to-day cares and concerns and time with their loved ones. One of our favorite moments is when idols open up about their family members — especially when they have adorable nieces and nephews! Who are our favorite K-Pop uncles? We’ve collected some here!

Kai’s Instagram

EXO’s Kai

Kai may have a sexy image on stage, but in real life, he’s an uncle who’s soft for his adorable niece and nephew, Rahee and Raeon! The idol is constantly sharing pictures of them on his social media, often cooing that his little man Raeon is slowly growing up to look just like him! (Can the world handle another Kai?)

YouTube (@TEMgongju), MONSTA X’s Instagram

MONST X’s Jooheon

Next up, we have Jooheon and his older sister’s daughter Olivia! Olivia and her family live in the United States, which makes it a little tricky for Jooheon to see her often, but when he gets the chance, they carry on like best friends. If that wasn’t adorable enough, Olivia refers to Jooheon as ‘Uncle Honey,’ which not only matches his name, but matches his sweet attitude toward his niece.

T.O.P’s Instagram


T.O.P fans have been well aware of his cute relationship with his daughter’s son Yeonjun for years now! Not only does T.O.P occasionally share photos of him and Yeonjun on social media, but back during BIGBANG’s ‘MADE’ tour, Yeonjun famously attended a Manila tourdate with a larger than life inflatable version of the group’s ‘Bang Bong’ lightstick strapped to his back. What a bromance!

TXT’s Twitter

TXT’s Soobin

Considering Soobin’s role as the leader of TXT, it’s really no surprise that he’s also just as caring of an uncle. According to the idol, his nephew calls him ‘Yayaya Uncle,’ a reference to the ‘yayaya’ heard in the chorus of ‘Crown.’ Soobin is also careful about keeping his nephew out of the public eye, adding the heart stickers seen above when he shared this cute uncle-nephew selfie on TXT’s Twitter account!

Bobby’s Instagram, Raon’s Instagram

iKON’s Bobby

Bobby is the proud uncle of his older brother’s adorable son Raon. A viral video of Bobby meeting Raon for the first time came out in 2018, and when he finally gets to hold his newborn nephew in his arms, he falls in instant love! Since then, Bobby’s brother has opened a YouTube and Instagram for Raon, so both Bobby and iKONics alike can keep up with his cute growing toddler!



SEVENTEEN fans were absolutely stunned when Hoshi tweeted a set of selfies with his sister’s children, whom he playfully refers to as his ‘Poporo nephew and niece.’ They both resemble Hoshi SO MUCH! And even Hoshi agrees, having responded to a funny photo of himself a fan shared through Weverse with “Wow! I look like my nephew and niece in this photo!” (We say good DNA!)


GOT7’s Mark

Mark Tuan has three nieces — Kylie, Leila, and baby Bailey, all daughters of his older sister Tammy. The three girls may be living with the rest of Mark’s family in Los Angeles, but Kylie and Leila especially have always been active fangirls when it comes to their uncle’s idol career — even showing up to GOT7’s LA concerts with adorable handmade signs cheering Mark on!

Ham Chaeyoung’s Instagram

AB6IX’s Daehwi

Daehwi’s niece Chaeyoung is quite the celebrity herself! The tiny sweetheart has been a child model for a few years now, running her own professional Instagram and even posing for a photoshoot with Daehwi herself. Chaeyoung is constantly flying back and forth from LA to Seoul, and her tiny jetset lifestyle is full of love and support for Daehwi’s career, as she’s shown up for him at both Wanna One and AB6IX events!

Is your bias an aunt or uncle? Or do you think your fave would make a good parent?

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