Attention, girl group stans! The agency of VICTON and Apink are back with a brand new seven-member girl group, making their debut this Month.

Introducing Weeekly!

Play M Entertainment

Weeekly is previously known to K-Pop fans as ‘Play M Girls,’ a trainee unit that regularly released content to tease fans awaiting their big debut. As Weeekly, their slogan is: “Every day gives us a new and special week!”

As Play M Girls, they released a number of song and dance performance covers, including this recent cover of ITZY’s ‘Wannabe,’ featuring members Soojin, Jiyoon, Monday, Soeun, and Jihyo.

Members also recorded K-Pop medley videos for 1theK’s ‘Music Circle’ series, where they sang beautifully blended mashups of hit K-Pop songs. (This particular video features Jiyoon, Monday, Soojin, and Jihan.)

Among the members, Soojin, Jiyoon, and Soeun are probably most familiar to fans thanks to their appearance as ‘MIXNINE’ contestants, where they all represented Fave Entertainment.

YG Entertainment

The most successful of the three was rapper Soojin, who wowed as the female center of ‘Just Dance.’

After a car accident caused her to sustain injuries requiring surgery, she had to bow out of the competition fairly late in the competition.

Other member who fans might have seen on their TV screens is Jaehee, whose career as a child star spanned seven years and included movies and dramas like ‘Detective K,’ ‘The Fatal Encounter,’ ‘My Little Baby,’ and ‘Modern Farmer.’

‘My Little Baby’ (left), ‘Azooma’ (right)

Currently, all members are being introduced to fans through an ongoing teaser series called ‘The Weeekly Story.’ Through these ‘character videos,’ fans are able to get a stronger grasp of each members’ individual charm.

Here, for example, is the video for first revealed member Jihan!

Want to learn more about Weeekly (and check out more of these cute videos)?

Check out their official fan cafe, VLIVE page, and YouTube channel here.

And, of course, stay tuned for Weeekly’s debut this Month

by the theQoos