With every generation of K-Pop comes more and more idols, which can cause some hilarious confusion when only referring to an idol by their first name. This is particularly the case for K-Pop’s most common female and male idol names: Sohee and Jaehyun.

Don’t believe us? Check out how many idols have this common idol name!

ELRIS’s Official Instagram

ELRIS’s Sohee

Former JYP Entertainment trainee Kim Sohee first became known to the public as a contestant on ‘K-Pop Star 6’ before moving on to debut in ELRIS in 2017.

Ahn Sohee’s Personal Instagram

Wonder Girls’ Sohee

At the height of her time with Wonder Girls, Ahn Sohee was affectionately referred to as ‘Nation’s Little Sister.’ She has remained popular as an actress.

NATURE’s Official Instagram

NATURE’s Sohee

Kim Sohee might be the newest NATURE member, but she’s definitely the most experienced as an idol. Not only was she previously a solo artist, but she was also in ‘Produce 101’ project group I.B.I.

Rocket Punch’s Official Instagram

Rocket Punch’s Sohee

Rocket Punch’s Sohee is ALSO a Kim! She is known among her fellow members for having a shy personality, but her hilarious Sponge Bob impression proves otherwise!

NCT 127’s Official Instagram

NCT’s Jaehyun

NCT vocalist Jeong Jaehyun actually has a few different names! When he was living in the United States, he was known as Jay, and while he was born named Jaehyun, he eventually changed his legal name to Yoonho.

N.Flying’s Official Instagram

N.Flying’s Jaehyun

Kim Jaehyun has been the drummer of N.Flying since their debut in 2015. The idol is known for his hilarious sense of humor, running comedy YouTube channel 2IDIOTS with bandmate Euijin.

Golden Child’s Official Instagram

Golden Child’s Jaehyun

Golden Child’s Bong Jaehyun is one of very few celebrities with the surname, with only around 11,000 South Korean residents with the Bong surname. Other famous Bongs include ‘Parasite’ director Bong Joonho and actor Bong Taegyu.

The Boyz’s Official Instagram

The Boyz’s Hyunjae (Real Name: Jaehyun)

As many Deobi already know, The Boyz member Hyunjae’s name is actually his real name reversed. His real name is Lee Jaehyun, interestingly sharing his name with a well-known Joseon scholar famous for his paintings.

KTS World’s Official YouTube

Back in 2019, all four Jaehyuns got together to put on a special stage together for the KBS Song Festival, performing an adorable cover of EXO’s ‘Call Me Baby.’ (Watch it above!)

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by the theQoos