Have you heard TOP Media’s latest boy group MCND? (If not, seriously, where have you been?!)

Welcome to theQoos’ ongoing feature series Next Big Thing, where we will be introducing you to some of our favorite promising rookies and teach you all you need to know to properly stan. (No one likes a fake fan!)


For our first installment, we’ve got MCND, who has seen an impressive amount of success for a rookie group, including becoming one of ‘M! Countdown’s nominees for #1 only two weeks after debut!

Now that we’ve got you up to speed, let’s run you through the basics:


MCND stands for: Music Creates New Dream.

MCND is comprised of five members: the energetic Minjae (lead vocals/dance), variety pro Huijun (main vocals), fatal beauty Win (lead rapper/maknae), dancing king BIC (main dancer/rapper), and affectionate leader Castle J (leader/main rapper). The group is very, very close, as they trained together for five years before making their debut!

Each member has their own individual charm, so choosing a bias is probably going impossible for you. Don’t even try.


MCND debuted on February 27 with ‘Ice Age,’ which (as of late April) has exceeded a staggering 16 million views! The single hits hard with both EDM and hip-hop and, for some reason, really makes us want to rewatch ‘Frozen 2.’


But their first single wasn’t the only thing getting them some debut buzz! They also released a dance video covering some of their favorite senior idols – EVERGLOW, EXO, Wanna One, Seventeen, Taeyang, BTS, and NCT U.

(First, taste. Second, if you haven’t seen it, you need to because it’s 🔥🔥🔥.)

Fans of MCND love them for their charismatic performance energy, which is only complemented even more by their highly synced dance harmony.

Speaking of dope covers, Minjae and Huijun have released a number of duet performance videos showcasing their stunning vocals. Covers include Anne-Marie’s ‘2002’ and Troye Sivan & Lauv’s ‘I’m So Tired.’

by the theQoos