From Jessica and Krystal to Sunhwa and Seungwoo, we love hearing about K-Pop idol siblings!

However, not many people know that in the current generation, there is actually a pair of active idol twins, who not only debuted through the same agency in the same year, but also through ‘brother groups.’

Family’s personal collection

Introducing RBW’s ‘DongDong Twins’ – ONEUS’s Xion and ONEWE’s Dongmyeong!

The fraternal twins were born on January 10, 2000, making them currently both 20 years old. Their birth names are Son Dongjoo and Son Dongmyeong, making even their names an adorable matching set!

However, these aren’t the only things the boys have in common! They both were accepted into MAMAMOO’s agency RBW and were able to debut together in ONEUS and ONEWE, who are marketed as ‘brother groups’ with contrasting musical charms.

RBW Entertainment

So, how’d they end up in RBW together?

The first brother to join RBW was Dongmyeong. When the agency heard that the good-looking trainee had an equally good-looking twin brother, they insisted that he bring Xion to the office for an audition.

Xion hesitated auditioning for the agency because he was still deciding if he’d like to be an actor or idol. However, after a year of deliberation and an impressive audition, he also signed with RBW as an idol trainee!

Family’s personal collection

Even as kids, the twins were incredibly popular!

According to their mother, the twins always had a lot of friends. She remembers a time when she took them with her to a sauna, and they suddenly returned to her with a group of ten other kids, saying, “Mom, these are our friends! Buy them ice cream!”

Their mother was so surprised that their friends had come all the way to the sauna just to visit them, but the twins clarified, “These are friends we made here!”

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They also love ‘Magic Fighters Mir & Gaon’.

‘Magic Fighters Mir & Gaon’ was a popular ‘Power Rangers’-like children’s show in Korea when the boys were young, and they were huge fans of it. So much so, in fact, that they insisted their parents change their names to Mir (Dongmyeong) and Gaon (Xion).

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem they got their wish!

Family’s personal collection

Fans also love their ‘cough syrup’ story.

When the twins were 7 years old, Xion was sick with a very high fever, so their mother gave him a dose of cough syrup to reduce his fever and then went to the supermarket.

While she was gone, Dongmyeong brought the bottle back to Xion and said, “If you drink more syrup, you’ll get better faster!” and convinced him to drink three more doses of the syrup, causing Xion to knock out into a deep, deep sleep. (Oops?)

RBW Entertainment

ONEUS and ONEWE both have new music out!

Fans of the twins can check out their latest releases, as both recently just wrapped up promoting new songs. ONEUS came back with ‘A Song Written Easily’ off their new album ‘In Its Time’ on March 24th, while ONEWE released the single ‘Q’ with MAMAMOO’s Hwasa on April 2th.

Check out both of the music videos below!


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