While it isn’t uncommon to hear about idols crossing over into successful solo activities, it is rare that to see it happen with every member – which is why we are celebrating After School sub-unit Orange Caramel!

Nearly 10 years after the release of their debut single, ‘Magic Girl,’ the girls are still popular, with successful ventures into acting, variety, and more.

What are Lizzy, Raina, and Nana up to now? Let’s take a look at where Orange Caramel is 10 years after debut!


Nana’s Instagram

Nana, who renewed her contract with Pledis Entertainment last year, has definitely blossomed into a full-fledged actress! Her hit work includes dramas ‘Good Wife,’ ‘Kill It,’ and ‘Justice’ and the movie ‘The Swindlers.’

Coming up next for the After School beauty? She’ll be starring in a 2020 mystery-thriller film ‘Confession’ alongside two of Korea’s A-list talents, So Jisub and Kim Yunjin.

‘Confession’ production team


Park Soo Ah (Lizzy)’s Instagram

Lizzy now goes by the name Park Soo Ah (which is similar to her real name Park Soo Young), and is currently active as an actress as well. She has left Pledis Entertainment, and she has been with Celltrion Entertainment since 2018. Currently, she is shooting the upcoming drama ‘Oh My Baby.’


Lizzy began her acting career rather early, thanks to the MBC sitcom ‘All My Love for You,’ where she starred alongside fellow idols 2AM’s Jo Kwon, Brown Eyed Girls’ Gain, and BEAST’s Doojoon.

She also made her trot debut in 2015 with the single ‘Not an Easy Girl’ with popular comedian Jeong Hyeongdon.


Raina’s Instagram

Raina has continued to focus on her music career, appearing most notably on rapper San-E’s 2014 love song “A Midsummer Night’s Sweetness.” She then collaborated with NU’EST’s Aron in 2017 with solo single “Loop.” Back in August 2018, she even co-headlined a concert with ‘Superstar K4’ R&B singer Bumzu.

However, as of December 2019, she is no longer signed with Pledis Entertainment. She’s since opened a YouTube account ‘I Am Raina,’ where she plans to show her fans a new side of her she had yet to show her fans.

While two out of three Orange Caramel members are no longer with Pledis Entertainment, all there members are still continuously coming out with new music, dramas, and films for fans to enjoy!

Happy 10th anniversary, Orange Caramel!


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