BTS are a group known for sharing meaningful messages through their lyrics. Fans around the globe have been able to connect with these relatable, sweet words and find a great deal of solidarity in them.

For this week’s theQoos Ask Q’s, we asked our users, theQoos, to share their favorite healing K-Pop song lyrics. Here are their responses:

  1. @BTS Suga 0903 and @BtsxArmy: On days where I hate myself for being me / On days where I want to disappear forever / Let’s make a door, it’s in your heart / Open the door and this place will await, Magic Shop

  2. Song: “Magic Shop” by BTS

  3. @moonloves: Will something change? / That probably won’t happen / But still, this day Is ending, isn’t it? / When the second hand and the minute hand overlap / The world holds it breath for just a little bit / Zero O’Clock

  4. Song: “Zero O’Clock” by BTS

  5. @___Fervin_: We goin’ from Tokyo, Italy / Hong Kong to Brazil / Wherever in the world, I will sing / El Mariachi, El Mariachi, El Mariachi

  6. Song: “Airplane pt.2” by BTS

  7. @jannat: It’s okay come on when I say one two three forget it / Erase all sad memories / hold my hand and smile

  8. Song: “2! 3! Hoping for More Good Days” by BTS

  9. @Army_Bts and KPOP_STAN: This eternal night with no end in sight / It’s you who gifted me the morning / Now can I hold that hand? / Oh oh I can make it right

  10. Song: “Make it Right” by BTS

  11. @Tae bts Vaishu: You are the cause of my euphoria

  12. Song: “Euphoria” by Jungkook (BTS)

  1. @Ananya: Yeah I believe that things will change / No one is perfect / Even this moment has its own meaning / And we are connected by sound, woah

  2. Song: “Lights” by BTS

  3. @Mutmainnah Ghazali: No matter who tries to stop me / I will go on my way (What) / You only live once (What) / Leggo (Leggo!) / Even if I live for a day (What) / I’ll have no regrets (What) / Let’s jump

  4. Song: “Jump” by BTS

  5. @KPOP STAN: So I was impatient and always restless / Comparing myself with others became my daily life / My greed that was my weapon suffocated me and also became a leash / But looking back on it now, truthfully / I feel like it’s not true that I wanted to be the best

  6. Song: “Magic Shop” by BTS

  1. @Kim Eun ah and @KPOP_STAN: Like an echo in the forest / The day will come back around / As if nothing happened / Yeah, life goes on / Like an arrow in the blue sky / Another day flying by / On my pillow, on my table / Yeah, life goes on

  2. Song: “Life Goes On” by BTS

  3. @Khushi khinchi and @vminkook: When I see you again / I will look into your eyes / And say, “I missed you”

  4. Song: “Still With You” by Jungkook (BTS)

  1. @Ananya: Forever we are young / Even when I fall and hurt myself / I endlessly run toward my dream

  2. Song: “Epilogue: Young Forever” by BTS

  3. @Khushi khinchi: How long must I wait / How many more nights must I stay up / So that I’ll be able to see you, able to see you / So that I’ll be able to meet you, able to meet you

  4. Song: “Spring Day” by BTS

  5. @Red Flower: Throw stones at me / We don’t fear anymore / We are we are together, bulletproof (Yeah we have you have you) / Even if winter comes again / Even if I’m blocked off, I will still walk / We are we are forever, bulletproof (Yeah, we got to heaven)

  6. Song: “We are Bulletproof: the Eternal” by BTS

  7. @ishika: You’re not being punished / Come here, I’m your paradise / Can’t close your eyes, can’t close your eyes / You can throw a fit but it’s no use (Don’t reject me)

  8. Song: “Pied Piper” by BTS

  9. @Jkkooke97: When you say that you love me / Feels like I’m walking across the sky / Tell me about forever, just one more time / When you say that you love me / I just need those words / That you’ll never change, just one more time / You’re everything in this world to me

  10. Song: “Best Of Me” by BTS

  11. @Elizabeth rose: Oh my, my, my, (uh) oh my, my, my / You got me high so fast / I want to be with you through everything

  12. Song: “Boy With Luv” by BTS

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