Welcome back to another installment of theQoos’ ‘Rookie TMI’ series, where we tell you everything you need to know (and maybe some things you don’t!) about a rising idol group member. Last time, we introduced you to ITZY’s leader Yeji, but this time, we’ll be talking about an idol who has yet to debut, but is still getting plenty of buzz — ENHYPEN vocalist, dancer, and visual center Sunoo! If you haven’t checked out ‘I-LAND,’ but still want to learn more about one of the ENHYPEN members, this is the ‘Rookie TMI’ for you!


So if you’re going to get a proper introduction to Sunoo, you have to start with Mnet’s audition program ‘I-LAND’! Prior to joining ENHYPEN, Sunoo was a contestant on the show, where he first caught fans’ attention with a charismatic performance of TXT’s ‘Crown’ with fellow contestants Youngbin and Jake. (Check out the stage above!)

And, yes, Jake made it into ENHYPEN too! (Other members include Heeseung, Jay, Sunghoon, Jungwon, and Niki.)

Sunoo is popular with fans for his positive attitude, his outgoing ENFP personality, and his unique visuals — with both fans and Sunoo’s acquaintances thinking he resembles a fennec fox. He is also known for being a foodie with a bottomless stomach, with two of his known favorite foods being spicy foods like tteokbokki (spicy stir-fried ricecake) and mint chocolate chip ice cream. When it comes to dorm life, he also hates when the others eat his food.

Despite his high energy, Sunoo’s pastimes and interests are actually quite calm and relaxing. He enjoys watching Disney movies, listening to soft and mellow music, lighting scented candles, and relaxing in rooms with mood lighting that will help him wind down and combat stress.

Sunoo fans are obsessed with his selfies, and the idol definitely doesn’t mind providing fans with as many as he can! He has admitted to taking roughly 50 selfies a day, with only a few of them ever ending up on social media. His selfie tip? Angling the camera from slightly higher than your head.

Nate Pann

While on ‘I-LAND,’ he opened up that one of his biggest concerns about debuting is being able to maintain good health, as he has a delicate immune system he has been struggling with since childhood. To cheer him up, BTS member Jimin gifted him with a set of tumblers and some bellflower tea, which is known to help fight off respiratory issues. J-Hope also let him know that during his time on ‘I-LAND,’ he didn’t notice that Sunoo had any visible weakness at all, as it seems he always put his best into his performance.

Nate Pann

Sunoo’s good looks and bright personality made him extremely popular among the students at Suwon’s Chilbo High School. (In fact, he received quite a few confessions from female classmates!)

Nate Pann

He was also known for his energetic dancing, having performed K-Pop cover dances — including ITZY’s ‘Dalla Dalla’ — with friends for the rest of the school!

In the future, Sunoo says that he wants to become an idol who can be a positive influence to others. He also wishes for a happy future where he can grow and overcome any challenge that comes his way. As for ENHYPEN, he hopes that the group can win a ‘Rookie of the Year’ award in 2021 and move on to global success. (Good luck, boys!)

Is Sunoo your ENHYPEN bias? Which rookie do you want us to TMI next?

Photo Credits: ENHYPEN Members’ Twitter