This year might have been a historically terrible one, but you know what HASN’T been terrible? The fact that JYP blessed us with not one but TWO ITZY comebacks this year. ITZY has maintained their ‘super rookie’ status straight through 2020, thanks to their positivity-packed, high-energy hit songs “Wannabe” and “Not Shy.” The girls are not only talented, but mix ‘bold’ with ‘sweet’ to create their uniquely ‘sugar-coated girl crush’ image. For this edition of ‘Rookie TMI,’ we’ve decided to hone in on the ITZY leader, main dancer, and lead vocal herself – Yeji. Think you already know everything about her? Well, think twice!

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Hwang Yeji was born on May 26, 2000, and while she was born in Seoul, she was raised in Jeonju and occasionally talks in regional satoori (dialect).

She was born in the Year of the Dragon, is a Gemini, and has a ISFJ (introvert, sensing, feeling, judging) MBTI.

ITZY’s Official Instagram

Yeji has two poodles – a black one named Insam (Ginseng) and an auburn one named Hongsam (Red Ginseng). Before her debut, she appeared on both Mnet’s ‘Stray Kids’ and SBS’s ‘The Fan,’ and she even had a bit part in the 2015 tvN drama ‘Second 20s.’

She was a trainee for roughly three years before debuting with ITZY. She was recruited by JYP Entertainment when she participated in an audition held at a dance academy. Prior to making it in, she had actually auditioned for JYP before and didn’t get in. However, this time around, she was able to show an improved performance.

SBS’s ‘The Fan’

Yeji was very sick as a youth and spent roughly one year in the hospital. Before she debuted, she had never flown in a plane before. When she sleeps, she has a habit of raising her arms over her head.

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During promotions, Yeji is regularly seen sporting either cosmic buns or pigtails. She doesn’t really drink coffee, but when she does, she usually orders a latte. When it comes to food, she loves snacks and anything that involves sauces/condiments.

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When Yeji was a little girl, her dream was to become a professional soccer player. On her first birthday, when Koreans traditionally lay out various items out in front of the baby, waiting for them to grab one and predict their future, Yeji grabbed money – meaning she was destined to be rich! She has always wanted to become a blonde, so she finally did during ‘Wannabe’ promotions.

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Yeji often hears that she really resembles her JYP Entertainment labelmate Hyunjin of Stray Kids – to the point that they’re regularly confused for siblings. (It doesn’t help that they have the same family name!) She recently got her driver’s license in order to drive a car herself in the music video for ‘Not Shy.’ While promoting both ‘ICY’ and ‘Wannabe,’ she accidentally inhaled some confetti during two music show performances, which she cites as two truly embarrassing moments!

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She is a big fan of YA franchises ‘Hunger Games,’ ‘Maze Runner,’ and ‘Twilight.’ When she accepted an award at the ‘Gaon Chart Music Awards’ back in January, she accidentally made a big mistake in her acceptance speech when she thought she was at the ‘Golden Disc Awards’ instead! She rarely loses her temper, and during her time with ITZY, she has only lost her temper one time – and the other members thought it was just an act.

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Many people think that Yeji doesn’t have double eyelids, but if you look carefully, she does! The idol has beautiful cat-like eyes that can look both warm and charming and chic and cold. She isn’t so good at winking, and says even if she just wants to close one eye, the other has to close too! She also isn’t so good at rock, scissors, paper. The other members have memorized that Yeji has a tendency to always pick scissors first, so she’s become an easy person to beat.

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While she’s ITZY’s main dancer, she was never really interested in dancing, and only began taking on dance when her older sister suggested she try it out. She tends to be an on-the-go person, so if she were born an animal, she’d want to be a bear so she could live a more leisurely life. The workout she does the most is usually pilates.

One time when she and her sister went to the dentist, their tooth issues racked up a 3,000,000 won bill (approximately $2,500 USD), which is considered VERY EXPENSIVE when compared to what dental care usually costs in Korea. Yeji was chosen by the other ITZY members as the one they’d like to take to the jungle with them – because she’s so great at catching bugs!

ITZY’s Official Instagram


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