When it comes to K-Pop groups, BTS’s global success has made them the pride of Korea. So when a BTS member’s birthday comes around, it’s celebrated by fans across Korea in a way so big one would think it’s a national holiday! On March 9, BTS rapper Suga (aka Min Yoongi) turned 28 years old, and to show you just what a BTS birthday in Seoul is like, theQoos headed to the Hongdae district to celebrate the big day with local ARMY!


‘Genius Lab’ Exhibit

When walking down Hongdae’s famous busking street, one of the first things you’ll notice is Chinese fan club SUGA BAR’s recreation of Yoongi’s studio ‘Genius Lab.’ Passerbys can check out the impressive scale replica for the entire week of Suga’s birthday.

China Baidu Suga Bar

Not only was the fan club able to replicate and display the same equipment Yoongi uses in the studio, but on the computer monitor, the music video for ‘Daechwita’ as well as a special fan-made birthday video plays in loop.


Street Banners

Also going up and down Hongdae’s busking street is a number of celebratory birthday flags, another present from the same Chinese fan club. The banners, which proudly proclaim ‘Happy Suga Day,’ feature a particularly handsome image of the idol and his birthdate, making sure everyone knows exactly when his birthday is.


ARMY or non-ARMY, if you’re in Hongdae during Suga’s birthday week, you really can’t miss them!

Subway Advertisements


Headed out of the neighborhood? Well, ARMY are celebrating Suga’s birthday not only on the streets of Hongdae, but inside Hongdae Station as well. Hongdae Station is among the largest stations in Seoul, and ARMY made sure that Suga was receiving plenty of birthday love in every corner of it!


Not only are there billboard posters, but also fun fan-made videos that play fans’ favorite Yoongi moments both on the station walls and inside actual subways.

Cafe Events


If you’re an ARMY in the Seoul area, heading to a Suga birthday event is an absolute must! From Hongdae to Kondae to Gangnam, every major neighborhood in the city has plenty of cafes holding small birthday parties for the idol. Many cafes make special drinks and desserts specific to the idol — and what would Suga’s birthday be without a Shooky-designed cookie?


Fans visiting these events can not only link up with other Suga-biased fans in the area, but they can check out photos of the rapper, listen to BTS songs, watch old Suga performance videos, and even bring home some fan-made birthday swag while enjoying their cafe treats. (They can sometimes also leave Yoongi birthday notes that will be later sent directly to Big Hit!)


Merry Year Foundation

It wouldn’t be a BTS birthday without ARMY coming together to raise money for important causes, and this year has been no different. This year, charities that Korean ARMY have donated to in Suga’s name include G Foundation and Green Umbrella (which both support underprivileged children), Azine Village (a sanctuary for rescue dogs), Merry Year Foundation (which supports low-income families and North Korean defectors), and, of course, UNICEF.

Now’s your turn, ARMY! How did YOU celebrate Suga Day?