June is here, and summer is well on its way – which means not only school vacation and the Fourth of July! But it also means a whole lot of heat and humidity, which leads to wanting to get your hair up and away from your face as much as possible to save yourself from overheating.

For this Star Beauty report, we will be looking at a number of different ways to go glam this summer with a rather simple accessory – the hair scarf! Whether it’s a full bandana, a silk bow, or simply a cloth hairband, the look can look anywhere from sporty to bohemian – and is 100% CUTE!

Joy’s Instagram

Red Velvet’s Joy

First up, we have the K-Pop fashionista herself, Miss Joy of Red Velvet! In a recent photo shoot with French luxury brand Chanel, she rocked a preppy sweater look with a long silk ribbon tying up her adorable ponytail.

YG Entertainment


Next up is the ultimate boho idol look – Jennie’s daisy turban headband in BLACKPINK’s music video for “As If It’s Your Last.” The effort is as simple as throwing a hairband on your head, but the results look SUPER fashion-forward!

Naeun’s Instagram

April’s Naeun

April’s Nauen shared these photos from a recent shoot through her personal Instagram account, and we love the effortless pretty of her bandana ponytail! The classic design adds a touch of vintage her otherwise all-white look.

TWICE’s Jihyo

It doesn’t seem easy being the queen bee of TWICE, but leader Jihyo’s effortless style has us thinking she probably never even breaks a sweat! We love the pops of color her headband adds to her outfit. Keep slaying, girl.

HyunA’s Instagram


HyunA’s paisley hairband is as playful as the idol herself and definitely adds to the mood of these photos. Not only is the look stylish, but it keeps her hair out of her face – which definitely saved her from any bubble gum blunders!

Seulgi’s Instagram

Red Velvet’s Seulgi

Rounding out the looks is Seulgi in her silk Christian Dior handkerchief, which she fashioned around her head as a headscarf. The accessorizing style immediately makes us think of vintage Hollywood. We’re in LOVE with Seulgi! by the theQoos