2020’s signature color might be Pantone Classic Blue, but it hasn’t stopped K-Pop girls from going green!

Evoking a fresh and spring-like mood, the color perfectly complements the warming weather and adds a bold yet youthful twist to any look.

For this Star Style report, we’ve got a number of our favorite female idols rocking gorgeous green looks in a number of shades. Get inspired by some of K-Pop’s most fashion-forward ladies!

LOONA’s Instagram

LOONA’s Jinsoul is looking like a sophisticated beauty in her willow green cable-knit sweater. The muted tone would really make this look a comfortable way for those of us who shy away from too much color to experiment with it!

Lisa’s Instagram

BLACKPINK’s Lisa wants you to know kelly green isn’t just for leprechauns anymore. This button-up sweater vibrantly contrasts with her hair, and the peach-hued makeup she paired it with makes her look even more spring-like!

Joy’s Instagram

Brilliant, incredible, amazing, show-stopping, spectacular! Red Velvet’s Joy is looking like a springtime vision in her green sweater. We love the unique braided accents and her matching scrunchie. (Joy says scrunchies are back!)

Suzy’s Instagram

Suzy looks perfectly bohemian in the peasant-style top she wore for a recent photoshoot. The white leaf detail and medium-wash high-waist jeans add an extra youthful element to the look. We’d love to wear this to an outdoor event!

Taeyeon’s Instagram

Taeyeon’s look from her upcoming ‘Happy’ MV is giving us straight mid-90s vibes. The mint cardigan, matching cami, layered necklaces, and patchwork flared jeans are Gwen Stefani meets Cher Horowitz, and we’re eating it up!

Naeun’s Instagram

Leave it to a member of April to teach us how to rock a springtime look! Not only is Naeun’s long bob incredibly chic, but her pale green ribbed cardigan tucked into her off-white panel pants accentuate her gorgeous figure.

ITZY’s Instagram

If ITZY’s Chaeryeong’s into it, you know it’s hip! We love the blue-green tones to her striped sweater and how well it goes with her tan leather watch and auburn hair. Her best accessory? Yeji, obviously. (Friendship’s fashionable af.)

Seohyun’s Instagram

Lastly, we’ve got Seohyun showing us green isn’t reserved for just sweaters and cardigans! This midi-skirt might be screaming Sunday’s Best, but she incorporates it into a more laidback look with an oversized sweater and matching Keds.

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by the theQoos