The hairstyles idols have been sporting lately are really different from what we’ve previously seen! What are the hottest K-Pop hairstyles for fall? According to premier fashion magazine Cosmopolitan Korea, these four looks will be HOT this autumn!

Clockwise from top-left: BTS’s Official Twitter, OUI Entertainment, SM Entertainment, CRAVITY’s Official Twitter


Seen on: BTS’s Jin, WEi’s Yohan, CRAVITY’s Minhee, and NCT/Super M’s Mark Last year, the side-parted hair with thick bangs was the look for boybands. Earlier this year, it was the hip, razored look made famous by ‘Itaewon Class’ character Park Saeroyi. These days, it’s all about a longer, wavier look that exposes the forehead and frames the face instead of covering it up. How to achieve the look: Wash your hair and apply a light-hold styling product. Then, part your hair and roll the bangs in the direction you want. For a more permanent style, the style can be achieved at the salon with a ‘light wave’ perm.

From left to right: Lisa’s Instagram, ITZY’s Official Instagram, Oh My Girl’s Official Instagram


Seen on: BLACKPINK’s Lisa, ITZY’s Yuna, and Oh My Girl’s Seunghee Cleopatra-style pin-straight hair combines a more modern look with an 80s retro flair. The style works best for those confident in their head and face shape as it leaves very little volume. You can also have fun playing it up with block highlights or colorful extensions. How to achieve the look: Ask for a blunt haircut at the salon with not so many layers. When styling at home, apply a light-hold styling product, then go in carefully with a straightening iron.

From left to right: Seulgi’s Instagram, Dreamcatcher Company, Woollim Entertainment


Seen on: Red Velvet’s Seulgi, Dreamcatcher’s Gahyeon, and Lovelyz’s Kei Goddess waves have been a withstanding trend in Korea for how they add a romantic, natural wave to the hair that lays similarly to hair that’s wet. The look works best on layered hair

How to achieve the look: Choose a wide straightening iron, running it slowly through the hair in a wave motion. When drying, it gives volume to the upper part of the hair and makes the bangs move back or part naturally. You have to have a layered haircut to keep the wave from falling heavy.

From left to right: Rose’s Instagram, SM Entertainment, DSP Media


Seen on: BLACKPINK’s Rose, EXO/Super M’s Baekhyun, and KARD’s Somin Purple and blue have always been hot idol hair colors, but lately, the trend is leaning toward a subdued color that ambiguously lands between the two. Full of graduations, the color changes with every movement, making it all the more alluring. How to achieve the look: This one you’ll definitely need a professional colorist for! But you can keep the color rich at home with constant use of a color treatment.

Are you a fan of a particular idol’s current concept hair? What look do you want to try?

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by the theQoos