Can you believe that 2020 has come to an end? It’s been a year that flew by, with arguably less ‘ups’ and more ‘downs,’ but thanks to the K-Pop fandom (and our ‘family made of fans’ here on theQoos), we were able to make it through with fun memories and great music.

To wrap up the year, theQoos staff are looking back at the K-Pop songs that came out in the year, picking out the ones WE think are this year’s best of the best!

Check out our favorite K-Pop songs of the year, then let us know in the comment what YOUR top picks are!

NCT 127 — ‘Kick It’

“‘Kick It’ is a standout song for me this year because, well, it’s the last thing I truly remember before the pandemic hit. That aside, I love everything about it from the electric guitar to the striking set aesthetics. Also, as a Cantonese speaker, the song’s references to Bruce Lee was a really cool moment for me!”

— Joanne, theQoos Community Manager

Stray Kids — ‘God’s Menu’

“This is the music video I just keep going back to even as new K-Pop singles and videos keep coming out! I love how they incorporated the song’s restaurant metaphor into so many different details — from the apron-inspired outfits and ‘cooking’ point choreography to the chef back-up dancers rocking out with them in the kitchen scene!”

— Dani, theQoos Content Associate

Oh My Girl — ‘Nonstop’

“Thanks to the combined efforts of their agency’s planning and the members’ efforts, it was the year Oh My Girl began to shine. The group became a hotter act, with Arin and Jiho hardcarrying the visuals and Seunghee and Hyojung gaining attention with their fun variety show personalities. Not only that, but YooA came out swinging with her first solo activities, which she completed successfully. Since their debut in 2015, they’ve been a group that raises anticipation year after year, and as a K-Pop fan, I’m really looking forward to their 2021 activities.”

— Roy, theQoos Head of Contents

Jackson Wang (GOT7) — ‘Pretty Please’

“Jackson Wang self-directed the music video for ‘Pretty Please.’ He was talented enough to offer smooth choreography and a pleasing aesthetic visual with the addictive beat and his amazing falsetto top-line. The music video itself is super Asian as it includes a 90s Hong Kong Chinese vibe, mood, and tone. As a Korean American, I REALLY love this vibe. I also love the lyrics. ‘Don’t hate me, / give love a chance. / Don’t need your heart, / just need your hands.’ Jackson asks so politely — how can you resist him?”

— Angie, theQoos Content Manager

ITZY — ‘Wannabe’

“From the memorable arm shake choreo and Ryuzin doing the close-up head dip during the dance break, all the way to that Def Leppard tie-dye shirt Yuna is wearing, ‘Wannabe’ had to have been the most swagged out song AND music video of 2020. The girls of ITZY are fiercely cool, have power moves and anthemic hooks that will uplift your spirits. I have always been a fan of the less girly and sweet girl groups in K-Pop, and ITZY has got that girl power in 2020!.”

— Peter, theQoos Head of Marketing

BTS — ‘Dynamite’

“When all is said and done, 2020 in K-Pop was ‘the year of Dynamite,’ wasn’t it? The song reached the unprecedented Billboard #1, after all. It’s the song that I listened to the most this year. From the funky melody and exciting dance to just how happy all the members look in the music video, BTS’s ‘Dynamite’ makes listeners feel good, so I want to pick it as the year’s most impressive song!”

— Judy, theQoos Content Associate

BLACKPINK — ‘Pretty Savage’

“‘Yes, we some bishes you can’t manage!’ Just like the lyrics, BLACKPINK display their confidence to anyone who might not like them, and the song is reminiscent of ‘DDU-DU DDU-DU’, once again, getting fans with a girl-crush! I couldn’t like this song enough, but the only bad thing about it is… I’ve really wanted to see the MV for it!”

— Kai, theQoos Content Intern

BLACKPINK — ‘Lovesick Girls’

“It’s such a well-rounded, catchy song. It sounded so different from BLACKPINK’s usual style, which was really nice. The song itself is really sad, but it sounds happy, and I love those type of songs. Hehe.”

— Ruby, theQoos Marketing Associate

That’s a wrap for another exciting year of K-Pop! Thank you for spending it with us here on theQoos.