From BIGBANG to iKON, YG Entertainment’s most recent male idol groups all come out of a televised survival program, making the announcement of 2018’s ‘YG Treasure Box’ bringing about the latest generation YG boy group all the more exciting! While YG Entertainment undoubtedly hit some major setbacks since the announcement of the ‘YG Treasure Box’ group, the 12-member group TREASURE is finally ready to debut this month! But what happened to the other trainees? Let’s catch up with some of our favorite contestants from ‘YG Treasure Box.’ You might be surprised to see where they’ve ended up!

C9 Entertainment

Byounggon (Treasure A, Rapper)

During ‘YG Treasure Box,’ Byounggon was known not only for his aggressive rap style, but his maturity and natural leadership skills. It’s no surprise that the fan favorite debuted as BX, the leader of C9 Entertainment rookies CIX!

C9 Entertainment

Seunghun (Treasure A, Vocalist)

Byounggon and Seunghun were among the most popular bromances on the program, so fans were absolutely delighted when it was announced that Seunghun would be joining CIX as well, where he currently fills the role of main vocalist.

Studio Choom

Check out Byunggon, Seunghun, and the rest of CIX’s ‘Be Original’ video for ‘Numb’ above!


Kotaro (Treasure J, Vocalist)

Kotaro was unfortunately eliminated during the 2:2 battles in Episode 8 after performing “Monster” by Eminem and Rihanna with Jeongseob. These days, he’s back in Japan and active as a member of co-ed indie pop group Diavo. The group’s debut EP ‘Higher’ was released on June 3rd!


Jyunhao (Treasure B, Vocalist)

Despite receiving compliments for his charisma, he was eliminated after a 1:1 battle against Yedam. Since then, Jyunhao represented YG on ‘Produce X 101’ and was momentarily signed to OUI Entertainment. Currently, Jyunhao is a free agent and a recent high school graduate! (Congratulations, Jyunhao!)

Check out Jyunhao’s hilarious ‘Produce X 101’ PR video!

Junhyun’s Instagram (@jun05_6_)

Junhyuk (Treasure C, Rapper)

As one of the competition’s biggest rap stars, Junhyuk was a fan favorite due to the charming contrast of his small size and big stage charisma. (The ‘Yammy Gang’ stage is forever legendary!) Currently, Junhyuk is back in Canada studying and producing new music for his Soundcloud.

BTRVL Studio

Yoonbin (Treasure B, Rapper)

As most ‘YG Treasure Box’ fans know, Yoonbin was originally supposed to debut with Treasure as part of the rap line. However, at the end of 2019, he pulled out of YG due to creative differences, instead putting his energy into his solo work under the stage name ‘Ben.’ Check out his single ‘Wounds’ above!

Moon Hyunbin’s Instagram (@_hyun_cong)

Keita (Treasure J, Rapper)

Keita was one of the biggest rap contenders to make it into the final group, so it was a shame when he was eventually eliminated. These days, however, he is currently a trainee under Rain’s Rain Company agency, where he is reportedly set to debut as a part of a multinational boy group either this year or 2021.

Check out Keita, Moon Hyunbin, and fellow ‘YGTB’ contestant Dohwan doing Zico’s ‘Anysong’ Challenge above!

YG Entertainment, Yunseo’s Instagram (deactivated)

Yunseo (Treasure B, Vocalist)

YG loved Yunseo for his boyish visuals, and fans loved him for his great sense of humor! (Who could forget “vongole pasta, one dish”?) Shortly after getting rid of his Instagram account, he suddenly popped up in photos at the Cube Entertainment building with Cube artist Yoo Seonho, sparking rumors he might be debuting in Cube’s new boy group!


Sungyeon (Treasure B, Vocalist)

While Sungyeon admittedly didn’t get a lot of screen time during the show, he was still a fan favorite for his princely visuals. Since the show, he appeared on ‘Produce X 101’ as an independent trainee, and while he has since deleted all of his personal social media, it’s rumored that he is preparing to make his acting debut.

Check out Sungyeon’s adorable ‘Produce X 101’ PR video above!

YG Entertainment (left), Def Dance Skool (right)

Dohwan (Treasure B, Dancer)

Dohwan almost made it into the team – having survived all the way up until Episode 9 when he was eliminated from Team Boomerang. Earlier this year, he threw fans when he passed the first round of auditions at Big Hit. However, these days, he’s joined Keita as a trainee at Rain’s agency, meaning they’re likely to debut together!

OUI Entertainment

Seokhwa (Treasure B, Vocalist)

While Seokhwa won the hearts of fans for his soft R&B vocals, he was eliminated when Team Growl lost in Episode 9. However, after competing on ‘Produce X 101,’ he signed to OUI Entertainment, where he is preparing to debut in a group with JBJ’s Donghan, X1’s Yohan, and RAINZ’s Jang Daehyun! Check out the group performing EXO’s ‘Love Shot’ above!

YG Entertainment

Yeongue (Treasure C, Vocalist)

With his adorable eye smile and smooth R&B vocals, Yeongue was one of the shining stars of Treasure C. While a lack of social media worried fans about where his whereabouts, he is reportedly still a YG trainee and is currently in the same grade as IZ*ONE’s Wonyoung at the esteemed School of Performing Arts (SOPA).

OUI Entertainment

Mahiro (Treasure J, Vocalist)

Mahiro was a popular contestant due to his sweet demeanor and equally sweet vocal tone. (His elimination against BFF Yoshinori was one of the sadder points of the show!) He participated in ‘Produce X 101’ and soon signed to OUI Entertainment at the same time as Jyunhao. He’s currently a free agent and greets fans through Instagram.

Check out Mahiro, Jyunhao, and Seokhwa’s cute ‘Try Anything’ cover from the days they trained together at OUI!

YG Entertainment

Inhong (Treasure C, Vocalist)

With his small face and high nose, Inhong was famously known among the ‘YG Treasure Box’ trainees as one of the agency’s ‘face genius’ trainees. His friendship with Junghwan was among the show’s sweetest, and the two must still be close as he is reportedly still a YG Entertainment trainee!

WM Entertainment

Siyun (Treasure C, Dancer)

Siyun teamed up with Jaehyuk to perform iKON’s ‘My Type’ during Episode 8’s 1:1 battles when he was eliminated. Having been an actor since he was a kid, many believed he’d return to acting. However, he’s now a WM Entertainment trainee and will be debuting in a group with popular ‘Produce X 101’ contestant Kim Hyunbin.

Check out his WM Entertainment dance practice video above!

YG Entertainment

Jeongseob (Treasure C, Rapper)

Prior to his appearance on the show, Jeongseob was famous as a member of Boyfriend, the winning duo from ‘K-Pop Star 6.’ Despite being certainly a precocious rapper, he was unfortunately eliminated in Episode 9. Many believe he’s since left YG; however, at 14 years old, he’s got plenty of time to debut!

Midam (Treasure A, Vocalist)

Lastly, we have Midam, another fan favorite who regretfully dropped out of YG Entertainment early on in the show. After moving to AAP.Y Entertainment, he gained popularity as a contestant on ‘Produce X 101’ and even put out pre-debut holiday single ‘Hello Christmas’ with labelmate Jung Myonghoon.

Check out the music video for ‘Hello Christmas’ above!


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