From May 20 to April 21, it is officially Aries season! The zodiac sign belongs to some of the most dynamic idols of the current generation, including GOT7’s Jackson, ITZY’s Ryujin, ASTRO’s Eunwoo, NCT’s Renjun, and BLACKPINK’s very own Thai princess Lisa! To commemorate Lisa’s 24th birthday, we’ve thrown together a list of 10 Aries qualities that fit Lisa’s personality to a tee! Would you agree?

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Aries are career-oriented.

Anyone who knows Lisa’s backstory knows she’s been a hustler since day one! The idol first got into dancing when she was just four years old and hasn’t stopped since, bringing her talent all the way to YG Entertainment 11 years later. These days, her career doesn’t stop at being an idol, also working as a luxury brand ambassador, TV personality, and more.

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Aries are fiery and energetic.

Like many Aries, Lisa is a natural-born performer whose energy thrives with the attention and recognition of her audience. She’s charismatic and ready to take on the world. While this kind of attitude works well when things are going well, Aries become angry and frustrated when they’re unable to meet their own expectations for a performance, making themselves their very own worst critics.

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Aries are independent.

Lisa has been living her life as a true freespirit, feeling secure in her friendships with both female and male idols. While she leans on the other BLACKPINK members well, her pre-debut ambition (including having to move to Korea all by herself), proves that, like most Aries, she’s self-reliant and doesn’t really need anyone to fight her own problems or battles. Lisa can handle it all!

Aries are intelligent.

There’s definitely not that many young people, let alone idols, who can speak as many languages as Lisa can! The idol can speak Thai, Korean, Japanese, English, and Mandarin Chinese, one reason she’s become such a beloved idol to international fans. She’s also known for picking up choreography with impressive quickness, as she’s shown on variety programs, including ‘Idol Room’!

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Aries are bold and creative.

Aries are creative in unique ways thanks to their spontaneity-infused personalities. They always want to try something new! Similarly, Lisa is not only a great performer, but has also shown special skill in other hobbies like makeup artistry, photography, and caring for her growing collection of cats. Aries believe in living life to the fullest, and Lisa enjoys filling her time up with new challenges, especially through pet projects like her YouTube channel LiliFilms.

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Aries are competitive and unbiased.

Aries are mentally strong and known compete, but they’re not cheaters and only like winning fair fights. This desire for fairness in competition is one character trait that makes Lisa a wonderful and honest mentor on ‘Youth with You.’ While she can be intimidating (especially when you don’t smile), she supports those who she believes in, wanting to push them to achieve their own potential as much as she pushes herself.

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Aries are affectionate and sentimental.

When it comes to her dynamic within BLACKPINK, Lisa is known for being a very outwardly affectionate maknae. Her outgoing, optimistic, and confident personality follows her right down to how she expresses her love, often sneaking a hug or a playful cheek kiss. Aries give and appreciate long-term loyalty, and this sentimentality plays an important role when it comes to Lisa’s morale-boosting addition to the BLACKPINK member friendships.

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