Whether you like Ranch dressing on your pizza or can’t eat the crust of your PB&J, a lot of us are picky with how we eat – and it’s safe to say that our favorite K-Pop idols are no different. They like what they like, and they hate what they hate! For this installment of ‘WTF,’ we’ve rounded up some of the strangest food habits among active idols. Can you relate or are they just too bizarre?


TWICE’s Momo hates drinking water and eating ‘watery’ foods.

As the self-proclaimed ‘pickiest eater of TWICE,’ Momo has a long list of foods she won’t eat. Not only is she not a fan of drinking water, she hates eating food that tends to have high water content – including any type of melon.


ITZY’s Lia thinks cucumbers taste like electricity.

During a MTV News interview, Lia shared she isn’t a fan of vegetables – especially cucumber. While that’s pretty common due to its texture and smell, she revealed her reason is because “it tastes like microwave.”

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Lovelyz’s Kei drinks milk with everything – literally everything.

Kei has a love for milk that is equal parts adorable and very concerning! The idol insists on drinking milk with most of her meals no matter what the menu – especially Korea’s braised pig feet dish jokbal.

YouTube (@markboo lee)

Seventeen’s Woozi eats up to five bowls of white rice at a time.

Woozi is a rice-lover through and through, eating so much rice at once that even his groupmates are amazed at how much he can eat. The idol is often seen playing with his bowls of rice, flipping it around without dropping a grain!

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BTS’s V hates beans – all beans! – including soy and red beans.

Since BTS’s debut era, it has been a well-known fact among fans that V is not a fan of beans. Not only won’t he eat beans, but he also doesn’t like tofu, patbingsu, or red bean mochi, and it’s a running joke among the members.

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NCT’s Jaemin drinks eight-shot iced Americanos every day.

Being an idol is tough, sure, but who needs to drink this much coffee?! Jaemin’s signature drink is an eight-shot iced Americanos, and it has become a trend with NCTzens to try the ‘Jaemin challenge’ and drink one themselves.


Red Velvet’s Yeri likes mixing vinegary gochujang into her food.

‘Chogochujang’ is a hot chili sauce mixed with vinegar Koreans eat with seafood, but Yeri admitted she eats it with literally everything – especially ramyun. Sometimes she even mixes it with chocolate syrup for sweetness!

YouTube (@MoonTae)

NCT’s Ten thinks all fruit is SCARY, but can drink fruit juice.

Not only does Ten hate eating fruit, he finds them incredibly creepy. However, he clarified it’s a texture thing, and he doesn’t mind drinking fruit juice. A funny WayV moment was when Winwin convinced Ten to take a tiny bite of peach!


SF9’s Rowoon can’t eat carrots that have been cooked in curry.

Rowoon represents all of us who have a very specific food dislike! On the variety show ‘Weekend User Manual,’ he revealed he hates the soft texture of carrots in curry, to which the MCs joked: “Are you sure you just don’t like curry?”


Kang Daniel likes frozen chopped green onions as a snack.

If you’ve followed Daniel on variety shows, you know he loves food – but he has one favorite snack that’s pretty surprising: green onions. He says he enjoys slicing then freezing them and snacking on them like popcorn!

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SHINee’s Taemin eats pork belly and kids’ cereal for breakfast.

You’d think someone with such a mature stage image would have a more sophisticated breakfast, but when Taemin recorded a cooking episode for YouTube, he prepared pork belly and a bowl of chocolate Chex cereal!

Does your bias have a strange way of eating too? Let us know in the comments!