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[NEWS IN-DEPTH] Diversifying digital platform of K-pop: Analysis

While K-pop music has taken the world by storm, K-Pop fandom has also grown exponentially with its influence now vivid on nearly all social media platforms. As K-pop fans in all corners of the world eagerly engage online to stay connected with their favorite artists and build their own communities, various online platforms are emerging to cater to their needs.


U.S. Remains Fastest-Growing Market for K-Pop's Physical Album Sales; Reaches All-Time High in 2020

To support a growing demand for K-Pop albums, theQoos launches their online store. Despite the clear decline of physical album sales across the globe, one genre continues to show stunning physical sales performance in the U.S. market



You watch your first K-pop music video. Next thing you know, it’s 2 a.m. and you keep clicking through recommended videos. Maybe you just wanted to know who the one with the red hair is, but now you’re in deep and you need to know everything.

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theQoos: K-Pop News, Friends, Music & Community - Interview with the developer of a fantastic app

theQoos gives fans the ability to view and organize all their favorite K-Pop content all in one place, including news, photos, videos, user-created posts, etc., and provides the K-pop community with a digital playground to interact with each other in ways they’ve never been able to before. 


Dynamite and an ARMY: how K-pop’s BTS invaded the US billboard charts

Peter Chun, former US director of YG Entertainment and head of marketing of theQoos, a K-pop content and fan community platform, believes that while BTS have paved the way for K-pop, the genre, as well as East Asian cultures have far to go in gaining acceptance in the United States.


Amid BTS' Global Fame, K-Pop "Could Still Get Bigger"

"The West is smart and wants to get into that market," notes Peter Chun, former U.S. director for the K-pop label YG Entertainment who in February launched theQoos, an app that aggregates K-pop content for English-language fans. "And we've finally come to a place where we can collaborate and it makes sense for both sides."


New Tides for KCON as Korean Cultural Wave Grows

“Up until BIGBANG, 2NE1 and Psy [became] huge, I didn’t imagine that K-pop could be as big as it is right now,” says Peter Chun, the former U.S. business director for (Psy's former label) YG Entertainment and founder of recently launched K-pop content aggregation and community app, theQoos



Your Gateway To

The K-pop Universe

It’s hard for international K-pop fans to find information on their favs without having to spend hours reading through articles until now. Enter theQoos, “your gateway to the K-pop universe.” theQoos can get and keep even the newest fan up-to-date with the latest K-pop news, photos and videos by combining them in one place to enjoy to your heart’s content.